I’m so happy…

Finally I can browsing without any obstacles…yay!

Welcome home, my new modem…I hope you will be fine always…

Actually, I bought a CDMA modem at April 12th. And do you know, it’s really unprepared. But, I had told my mom about that.

The price is Rp 450.000,00. I got discount for buying it with my friend (we bought 2 modems), so, I had to pay Rp 440.000,00.

But the modem couldn’t be installed! I was so disappointed at the time. The technician said that my laptop needed re-installation. And I had to registered the UIM card first.

Okay, I did his suggestion. First, I used an-already-registered-card. But, I still didn’t want to re-install my laptop. It’s fine, so why I had to do it?

Do u know what happened next? I could use the modem. But, I could browse the internet just for 4-5 minutes.  Before, I had registered my modem to a daily unlimited packet. Its cost is Rp 2.500,00 for 24 hours.

So I paid Rp 2.500,00 for 5 minutes browsing. (How poor I am…)

And the bonus is, my laptop was ‘hang’ after I finished to use the modem. It made me feel depressed because I had to turn my laptop off without shut-down process. I was afraid if my laptop could not be used anymore.

I really hate the modem at the time. It made me lost much money, and it made my laptop ‘hang’.

We planned to bring it to the store where we bought it before, but we always have no time…

And finally, we could do it! We went to J-Bros yesterday. We had planned what we must say to the technician. We would complain about the modem, until he wanted to repair it or to change it with the new one.

Please choose one, repair it, or change it!hehehe

And my friend started to complain. She said that the modem could be use just for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, I was prepared what should I say after her complaining.

Then, the technician asked the modems. Of course we gave it to him.

After waiting for several minutes, he said to us,”Follow me”. And we follow him, walked downstairs. (The service center is at 2nd floor, meanwhile, the store is at 1st floor).

He said something to the salesgirl.

And I was glad that we could get the change. A new one, with a difference in model and series number.

We accept that modems after signing a form.

After that, we went back upstairs to test the modem. Fortunately, I brought my laptop plus charger, so I could install it directly (with the technician’s help, of course)

The modem was come with installation CD. Unfortunately, my laptop don’t have CD/DVD ROM (I must write ‘netbook’* instead of laptop). But, I didn’t feel worried, because the service center have an external DVD ROM. So the technician helped me to install the modem.

After it was installed, we tested the modem. We didn’t want the bad experience happened once again. And the result is positive! We could browse the internet for more than 11 minutes.

Thank you, Mr. Technician!!! (I’m sorry for calling you like that)

And then, we went home with a relief feeling. So happy~~

Wow! It has been a long time for me to make recount text. I hope u can understand what I have written above.

*)Netbook : similar with notebook or laptop, but it’s smaller. It containts 6 battery cells (The notebook have 9). And usually, most of netbook that I’ve known use Intel Atom processor. Because it’s small and light, some people prefer to buy this type. But it doesn’t have CD/DVD ROM as the consequence.


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