(One of) The Freak Days in My Life

Hi, guys…welcome back! Sienvisgirl is here…

Yeah, today is one of the freak days in my life…Do u know why?

This afternoon, I had an examination for Pharmaceutics I. We (me n my friends) had to make a journal in 3 hours. We  prepared our self to do the exam well, of course. I brought 6 thick books and  1 notebook, meanwhile, my friends brought their own (?) books too. Two of my friends brought a suitcase which contains so many books. I couldn’t imagine how tired they were!

The test started at 2.00 pm and finished at 5.00 pm. I tried my best to do the test, to make journal as well and as fast as I can. I got Cod liver oil as my active ingredients, and I had to make journal about emulsion. Firstly, I couldn’t concentrate to do my test. But the next minutes, I could manage my mind well. I had to do what I could do, and if there was much time, I could do the rest. Sometimes I borrowed my friend’s books and fortunately I could get it easily. Sometimes, my friend also asked me. If I didn’t feel annoyed, I will answer their questions. But if they broke my concentrate,  I just answered,”I dunno.”  😀 (I’m sorry, my friend…)

And, finally the test was finished! I was glad, but I feel uneasy too. Because I couldn’t finished my journal well, so many empties here and there… 😦 But I tried to relax my mind, tried to convince myself that everything will be  fine…hoho. And I was relieved that we’ll get one chance more to repair our journal. We have to make slides (in Ms. PowerPoint) about our journal. And we must be able to defend what we made in our journal before, or complete it if there are something that missed.

And this night, at 19.45 pm, my friend called me (her name is Sari). She wanted to come to my boarding room. And several minutes later, she came with my another friend (a girl, named Ica). I was surprised when heard that they wanted to copy some movies that I have. “Hey, it’s useless for you to come here. I bet that you have watched all of my movies that I have .” They were looked so disappointed. Accidentally, Sari suggested to Ica to go to Yorie’s house. But they didn’t know where it is. So, I offered to be their “guide” to Yorie’s house (I wanted to got movies too…hehehe). Fortunately they agreed.

We walked to Yorie’s house which isn’t so far from my house. When we arrived, I called Yorie, and then, she asked us to get in. We copied some good movies and went home at 09.15 pm.

What a freak day!

Okay, I think that’s all…See ya later…^^


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