The meaning behind my name

hmmm…can I just use Indonesian? (confused)

this time, I dunno what must I write, so, I’ll  just tell you how can I choose ‘sienvisgirl’ as my ‘online nickname’…^_^

sienvisgirl is created months ago, when I made my first Pharmaceutics I journal. At the journal, we had to make drug label (or etiquette?). Just like the real drug product, we must show name of product, manufacturer, indications, contra-indications, advrse reactions, precautions, and dosages.

Okay, the others is easy, but what about the ‘manufacturer name’? It’s so hard. And I didn’t wanna make an ordinary name. It had to be unique!!

Just for your information, I like the number ’47’ because it’s my student ID number. And I wanna make the name of manufacturer based on the number.

I have tried to make it in some language that I have studied at school. But it’s not good…huhu…

I’ll give you some example:

ZEFOSE = Zero Eight FOurty SEven (it’s too long…and :()

YOJUNA = YOn JU NAna –> it’s Japanese word for 47 (it’s not cool)

VISIBE = Vierβigundsieben –> it’s German word for 47 (it’s a little bit weird, I thought)

Aaaahhh…what must I do..that’s what I think at the time…

But when I ‘re-read’ the names, I realized that I had make a mistake…

The German word for 47 isn’t Vierβigundsieben, but it’s Siebenundvierβig

Ah…gotcha! I found it!

So I took some letters to make the name, and the result was :


It’s stand for = SIEbenuNdVIerSsig

(note : the letter β is same with ‘ss’ and German people read it like that)

Hohoho..yippie! Finally I found you….

My mood was so great at the time, and I couldn’t forget the name until now.

I had told my close friend too…and she asked me to make hers. But it’s didn’t come as she expected.

Her ID number is 31 and the German word is Einunddreizig…

I forgot what name that I suggested to her, what I remembered is she refused the name and decided to find the name by herself…

So it’s just like that, and I like the name so much. And I use the name at some of my online accounts . Like now, I logged in at WordPress account as sienvisgirl.

Ok,  I think that’s all for today…see ya next time…


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