English : Is It Really Difficult?

english? Uwaahh… It has been a long time after I wrote a post in English several months ago. If I’m not mistaken, it’s about the origin of my username (Sienvis).

And now, I must write a post written in English. No, it’s not me who don’t like this challenge, but a part of my writing skill has been lost. Ah… what must I do?

Ok, this time, the topic is ‘Difficulties in Learning English’.

If I ask you guys (or myself, as the example), Is English really difficult? I will answer, “Half easy-half difficult”. Until this time, I can understand a bunch of simple English words and some grammatical aspect. I can translate several parts of e-books or my lecturer’s presentation files, which are written in English. I can write in English, although it’s not a superb one. I can enjoy Hollywood movies or foreign movies which use English as its subtitle, although I still prefer the subtitle in Indonesian, or I need to pause the movie and search the meaning of the dialogue or narration.

So, where is the difficulty of English?

In my opinion, the difficulty is ‘the willing to improve our English skill’.
No, it’s not that I don’t want to improve my English skill. But, I just put a little effort to achieve that goal. Maybe you feel the same.

Several months ago, my friend asked me to take an English course. I couldn’t refuse, because I wanted to take that course. And we took an English course once a week every afternoon.

At the start, we were full of enthusiasm to learn and practice English. We spoke English, and texted each other, using English. But, the spirit became loosen and loosen, and finally, we never use English to chit-chat anymore. What a pity.

Even the English Day that is held every Tuesday and Thursday could not help due to lack of socialization and there is no punishment if we don’t speak English at those two days.

So, what must we do?

Maybe, we must put more effort to improve our skill. Read more, listen more, watch more, write more, and speak more.

Or, we can make the students used to practice their English by reactivating the English Day. Also, we can make several small groups that meet and discussed routinely, and of course, with English.

Hope those suggestions are useful for you. I’m sorry for any mistakes here and there.

*I just feel this article is really terrible*


5 thoughts on “English : Is It Really Difficult?

  1. I feel the same, sist.
    we didnt do the best to imrove our skill in English.

    anyway, about a friend to speak English with. Why didnt you speak English with me??
    Ok, we make a deal.. we have to speak English each other..
    deal? :mrgreen:


  2. no, your post is awesome! ^^ I mean it 😀

    that’s right, sist. English isn’t that hard, but not that easy. Some people are willing to learn, some people are not. It depends on the person I think. For me, I love English. I took an English Course several months ago and I can’t stand the lure of learning English again. So I take a TOEFL class in my school. Others might ask, “English again? Why? You’re good in English!” But I still think that I’m not good enough.

    Watching movies in English is an effective way for me. I often use an English sub rather than the Indonesian one.

    Sorry if my comment is wasting your time. Keke, nice post again, sistah! ^^


    1. sankyuu 😀 eh, thank you! *get influenced by the way of Japanese speaking English*

      wow, what a great desire! Cool! I wish I could, but because of traumatic experience when I took English course several months ago. Moreover, I have difficulties in managing my schedule.

      You must be superior than me in English skill, regarding how intensive you learned it 😀

      And now, I improve my skill passively, by writing, watching movies with English subtitle, and talking to myself using English! Sometimes, I talk to myself, or write short diary using English! It’s fun! Believe it or not, I prefer English subtitle now 😀

      In my opinion, Eng sub is very effective to help me comprehend the storyline of the movie and the acting. I enjoy the same joke, the same emotion, as if I comprehend the Japanese or the original language that used on the movie. But I don’t like English dub, because English can not substitute the original language, sometimes I found dubbed movies weren’t enjoyable.

      No, not at all.. once again, thank you so much!


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