Ngeblog bareng PEC: The Unforgettable Saturday

#Tell and describe the most impressing and unforgettable day of this week. In past tense, of course.#

This Saturday was not really special. At the morning, I just spent my time in front of my beloved netbook and modem. Yeah, to put it simply, I edited my task while browsing and downloading.

Time passed and I just realized that my stomach was hungry. I wore jacket and go outside. Then, I crossed the road and found a place to buy some food for breakfast. I asked the owner, ”Do you have some fried rice?”. And what a pity, there was no fried rice.

Okay, I didn’t need to cry. No use.  So, it was better for me to walk and went to another mini café.

At the second mini café, I hoped the answer were different. “Yes, we have. Please wait for a moment.”

But the reality was different.

“I’m sorry, we have no fried rice.”

I walked and walked while grumbling in my mind. The people here was different with the people who opens kadai  in my hometown. In my hometown, you can get a plate of fried rice, lontong, bubua samba, ketupat, or a bowl of hot soup at 07.00 AM. But here?

Okay, I stopped to grumble because I found my next destination. They just sell lontong gulai and lontong pical. I gave up. Maybe it was not my destiny to eat fried rice. I decided to buy lontong pical and bakwan.  It was cheap enough for me because the price was only IDR 5K.

Felt glad and satisfied, I went home. I could not wait anymore to finish those foods.

A mouthful of lontong pical entered my mouth. Eww, it was totally different with lontong pical in my hometown. Just salty and no sweet at all. So, I added a teaspoonful of sugar and mixed it with the food. I tasted it again. Hmm, delicious! Fortunately, the taste of bakwan was good.


Tic toc tic toc tic toc

It was already 12.00 AM, so I rushed to bathroom, clean myself properly and did wudhu’. Then, I did Zhuhur prayer. After prepared myself, I went outside and stopped an angkot.

After 15 minutes, I arrived at Business Center of UNAND. But, where were my friends?

I texted the secretary, “I’ve already arrived at BC. Where the meeting will be held?”. She didn’t replied.

Then, I sent a similar message to the chairperson.

A moment later, he replied,”I am still on the way, we’ll held the meeting at the café. S has already arrived, too.”

S? Ah… I didn’t remember her  face clearly. So, to kill the time, I waited while drinking a glass of ice tea.

Several minutes later, N called me and asked me to join the meeting that would be hold at the other side of café.  I nodded and followed her.

Nine people of twenty people sat on their chairs. We disappointed, but the meeting must go on. The chairperson opened the meeting and we talked about the survey that will be delayed until Thursday and the transportation to go there.

Several minutes later, one of our members came, so the nine people became ten.

We discussed and decided to go there by UNAND bus. But the DPL and the other chairperson from different nagari didn’t agree, they wanted to use car instead the bus.

About ten minutes later, one of our members came late. She apologized because she had to perform a traditional dance, Saman dance, on the farewell party of dormitory students.

The discussion is continued and we still didn’t get any decision. So, based of M’s suggestion, the chairperson postponed the discussion and we talked informally.

Well, it was just nice when I knew my friends more than before. We talked about our major, our hometown, and our high school.

M asked some questions to us when we introduced our self. I thought he is quite nice and easy going, I could said that he is our mood-maker. He made some jokes and he could make us laugh. Just like these:

“Hey, actually I’ve been old. I was born on 1980.”

We laughed, didn’t believe him. And a few minutes later…

“Hey, actually I am still young. I was born on 1992.”

“Hah, really? 1992?” we asked. And he nodded. Well, I didn’t believe him easily.

Then, it was my turn. I introduced myself. Then, M asked me.

“Where was your high school?”

“SMA N 1 Bukittinggi,” I answered.

“Did you study in acceleration class?”

Gotcha! You hit the target.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Really? On what year you was born?” they asked. “1991? 1992?”

I shook my head. “No.”


“No. 1994.”


“Yes,it’s true,”

“Wow, amazing. So you can graduate at a young age,” the member who sat beside me commented.

“Insya Allah.”

The chit-chat continued until all of us got the turn to introduce his/herself.

Then, M asked some questions to a member who went to medical faculty. He asked about schizophrenia, human brain, the difference between psychiatry and psychologist, and about leukemia. And sometimes I help her (the member is a female) to answer M’s questions.

After the ‘talk show’ session ended, we discussed our plans to ‘survive’ at KKN location. We planned to help each other to get permission, especially, the permission to register for the next semester.

The discussion ended at 04.00 PM and all of us went home. I felt glad because they, all of my friends from the KKN group were nice and cooperative.


Okay, that’s all. Actually, it’s a bit hard for me to make this story-like text because: 1) I don’t read and write  in English that much 2.) I get used to simple present tense 3.) Lack of vocabularies  4.) I feel that this text is a fail, too many things that I want to write, but I didn’t found some nice sentences to wrap my ideas.

Maybe this post will be better if written in Indonesian, but I must try to make it in English.
I am waiting for your comments, critics, and suggestions.

Thank you.

Wait, do you need a glossary? Here you are:

  • Kadai : a mini store. The synonyms in Indonesian: warung or kedai
  • Lontong: a food which made of rice wrapped In cylinder  banana leaf, then steamed.
  • Bubua samba: rice porridge in a large bowl, trays, or plastic, which is let to cool by itself. Therefore, it’s not solid enough if compared to lontong or ketupat. Usually people eat it with vegetables curry.
  • Ketupat: similar with lontong but it’s wrapped in rhombus-shaped package from coconut leaves.
  • Lontong gulai: lontong which served together with vegetables curry.
  • Lontong pical: lontong which served together with sliced vegetables, noodles, and peanut sauce.
  • Bakwan: a snack which made by frying the mixture of thick dough of wheat flour,eggs, water, seasonings, and slices of vegetables, sometimes shrimps and noodles.
  • Angkot : stands for “Angkutan Kota” or city transportation (?) it’s just a modified Mitsubishi Colt  that can take about 12-14 passengers. The car type maybe different, depends on the operational route.
  • Nagari: a term in Minangkabau that means ‘village’

13 thoughts on “Ngeblog bareng PEC: The Unforgettable Saturday

      1. Wow. Adik saya aja yang kelahiran 1993 sekarang masih semester 4, mau semester 5. 😀
        Kami berdua kecepetan dua tahun… kalo kamu… kecepetan… empat tahuuun! 😀
        Kamu SMP dan SMA aksel terus? Apa di SD-nya?


      2. oo…iya, kalo semester 4 harusnya kelahiran th 1991 ya
        kalo aku aksel sd smp ama, masuk sd juga kecepetan 1 th


      3. Hehe, nice! 😀
        Saya sampe berpikir, apakah nanti anak saya akan saya aksel-kan juga apa normal2 aja… :mrgreen: Yah, selama dia menikmatinya, mengapa tidak. 😀
        Untung ortunya juga, anak bisa lulus kuliah cepet, sebelum si ortu pensiun. 😀


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