Goodbye my friend

I just realized, that humans are so fragile, but they feel proud, too proud for being the most perfect creature. When our hearts stop beating, when the souls are taken from us, what could we do next? Ya Rabb, forgive us for being so arrogant in our life…


Dear my friend,

Actually I were shocked when reading a text message from my little sister

I could not believe that you will leave us so soon

Even, we have not ever met yet, and I just realized that

we never meet again

we never have the chance to know each other

Oh, maybe I was wrong

I could not use the chance to know you…

I am really sorry


Goodbye my friend

Thank you for being my far away friend, even though it’s just a while, even though we were not too close.

Even though our friendship is just recognizing each other

Thank you for reminding me that life is surprising, it’s shorter than what we imagined before

Thank you for reminding me that we are, humans, are so fragile, we are not as strong as we thought before


I could not cry, I am sorry with that, but I know that my tears are useless

I can only pray for your happiness

I hope you can pass the test from Munkar and Nankir and you will have convenient place to rest, without any difficulty

I wish that we can gather in His jannah, later


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