Huaahhh…long time no see, guys!

Well,my currently mood is  so good, since I’m glad to have such a rare chance to meet and greet them..fufufu.

They are students from Waseda University, Japan, and build an organization of volunteer named WASEND(Waseda Student Organization for the Education of Natural Disaster).They came to Padang as the main speaker in 2nd session of International Talk show with the theme: Learning Japan’s Earthquake-Tsunami and Student Voluntariness.The talk show was held at F building Seminar Room, Unand, on Saturday, September 17th 2011.

One of them is Fumiya Matsushita, student of Waseda University. And he is handsome… hahaha… beside me and Dita, my friend, some participants said so. They took picture of Fumiya-san secretly when the session was held.

We could enjoy the session until the last minute, but we had to go when interactive session was begun because we had Organic Chemistry class at 11.00 AM. Actually,we went to the class at 11.20 AM, the lecturer had entered the class, but the lesson had not started yet.

The  class ended quickly… hahaha. Finally. Although I could not concentrate in the class (because I could not follow the interactive session), I could understand the lesson well enough.

After that, we went back to the seminar room to take certificate, but we found that the certificate could be taken on Thursday. My friends were all gone, they even ask us to went home soon.

But, we couldn’t. Because we were envy with some committee members (especially Uti and Al,our friends) who took some pictures with Waseda students (especially Fumiya-san). Dita asked me to take some photograph with them (or him? heehee) and I agreed.

But how? We didn’t have any camera.

By putting the shame aside,we walked to the front. Dita said that she have a friend,so we could take some photograph with her. But it failed.

We found Uti and as she is the coordinator of consumption, we ask her for some help and she agreed… haha.

So many UNAND students who took photograph with them, so,we had to wait. While waiting, I introduced myself to Shiori Tanabe and exchanged e-mail address with her.

She: What’s your name?

Me: Lailaturrahmi

She: (wrote some katakana characters of my name) Lailaturrahmi? (seems confused)

Me: Just call me ‘Ami’

She: OK (wrote some katakana characters of my nickname) <well, I know that my nickname is so easy to be pronounced by Japanese people)

Me: Thank you. Arigatou gozaimasu. Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.(I dunno whether the second sentence were right or not.. haha.. just want to practiced Japanese)

She: Arigatou gozaimasu.Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Hoho,1st mission were accomplished. Next target is… Nakata-san and Fumiya-san who stood in the front of the room,talked with some HI (International Relations) students.

Uti: So, you will talk to them?

Me: Yes. Just rest assured.

After waiting for several minutes,and the students had gone, I talked to them.

Me: My name is Ami. I am a student of Pharmacy Faculty

Both: Yes?

Me: And can we take some photograph with you?

Both: Yes,of course.

Me: <shouted silently: yes!!> (called my friends)

After taking some photograph…

Me: Thank you.

Both: Thank you.

After that, I talked to Nakata-san

Me: What’s your name?

He: Yasuhiro Nakata

Me: Hmm? Yasu..? (I thought his name is Yashihiro)

He: Yasuhiro Nakata

Me: Ah… Yasuhiro Nakata

He: Yes

Me: Umm, can I have your e-mail? Or FB account? (giving paper and pen)

He: (asked me to follow him to the nearest table)(wrote his e-mail address and his username and some kanji characters of his name)

Me: Thank you. Arigatou gozaimashita

He: Arigatou gozaimashita

Yosh! Second mission has accomplished. Next is… of course, Fumiya-san. He was talking with a female student. They talked seriously, about the scholarship to Japan.

Dita: What else that you wanna do?

Me: I want to ask his e-mail address


I wait and wait, until she said ‘thank you’ and leaved.

Me: Excuse me. Can I have your e-mail address or FB account? <It’s should be username,eh? I was so nervous at that time> (giving paper and pen)

He: (wrote his e-mail address and FB username) Are you the student from Andalas University?

Me: Hmm? <I couldn’t hear his voice clearly>

He: Are you the student from Andalas University?(while pointing ‘UNIVERSITAS ANDALAS’ banner)

Me: Yes, I am from Faculty of Pharmacy. This is my fourth grade <It should be ‘year’, anyway, I don’t remember whether I said ‘grade’ or ‘year’>

He: Ahh…

Me: In what majority you are studied in Waseda University? <It should be ’What majority you are in? Ugh, what a shame>

He: My majority is Civil Engineering. I am 20 years old.

Me: I am seventeen years old <It’s a lie, actually I am 16 years old, but my birthday is on September 26th>

He: (surprised) Wow? How can?

Me: I follow acceleration program. My friend too (pointing Dita who stood beside of me). We’re same.

He: Ah (think hard) your brain must be… intelligent.. atama..ah..what should I say.

Me: No, not that good.. (laughed)

He: You’re great.

Me: Heehee (blushed). Okay, thank you. Arigatou gozaimashita.

He: Arigatou gozaimashita. Terima kasih.


Fufufu..finally, I could talk with Fumiya-san. Long enough, huh? And the way he said ‘terima kasih’ was funny. It sounded like ‘Terima kashih’. Ah, I believe you can imagine it.

I wanted to talk with the rest of WASEND member, but they were seems busy, talking with others. Okay, this was enough. More than enough…fufufu.

Me: Uti, if you have others WASEND member e-mail, let me know, ok.

Uti: I didn’t ask them. But my friend seems have it.

Me: All of them?

Uti: May be not. But I’ll tell you. Hey, can I have their e-mail which you asked before?

Me: Sure, you can.

Here is the evidence! We took some photographs with them. Tada….



318991_1996722803976_1420658396_31796637_867495221_n 318991_1996722843977_1420658396_31796638_1139061449_n



The guy with purplish blue shirt is Fumiya Matsushita-san, the guy who wear white shirt is Yasuhiro Nakata-san, and the oneesan :)  with white blouse with black lines is Shiori Tanabe-san. Me is the girl with gray blouse and blue-gray skirt, Dita with purple cardigan and jeans trousers, Uti with brown batik blouse, and Al is the guy with UNAND almamater jacket.

And we (me and Dita) went home happily ever after. Thank you so much Dita! We could do the things that we thought impossible, but by some guts, we accomplished our mission successfully.

They are so friendly and they can speak English too, so, don’t be hesitate to talk with them.

Finally, I can talk with Japanese people, although I did not use Japanese much, it’s much better than what I did when I was elementary school student. At that time, there are Japanese people came to my class, but I could not talk with them, although I have studied Japanese before. What a shame.

And, I believe, someday, sometime, I can speak Japanese fluently, and I will step the land of Japan. Amin.


10 thoughts on “Hajimemashite

    1. iya, keren dan inspiratif.
      masih muda tapi sudah melakukan sesuatu yang besar dan bermanfaat

      btw, syandrez duduk dimana ya wktu itu?kalau tau kan bisa kopdar..hehe
      makasih udah komen


      1. iya, waktu itu ami lg di kelas, ada kuliah
        waktu penanya pertama mulai bertanya, trus ada dua orang dari baris nomor 2 bagian tengah yang buru-buru keluar, salah satunya ami..hehe


  1. that’s amazing, indeed, for japanese people to speak english fluently…
    the one who come to my campuss can’t speak at all…
    and the one who came today (yes, today there are some student came again) told me that he hates English


    1. yes, you’re right 🙂
      really? he hates English? 😦

      well, i’m glad that they can speak English because i can’t speak Japanese 🙂

      wow, so, japanese people come often to your campus? how often?

      and thank you very much for visiting and commenting on my blog 🙂


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