[PEC Regular Meeting] Pharmacist

Sorry, I cannot make this essay before the deadline comes because I fell asleep yesterday… but being late is better than not making anything, right?

This is our first PEC meeting in September. The meeting is held on Sunday, September 18th 2011 at Ruang Apoteker Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Andalas. I came late, but the meeting had not been started yet, I just found Nurul and Alan stand near the room, waited  other members to come.

After that, we enter the room. Time by time passed, other PEC crews came. Kak Via and Da Yori came as well. To kill the time, we watched some videos about pharmacy and pharmacist. Several minutes later, Nurul, the PEC chairperson, opened the meeting.

So, in the meeting, we watched a video about pharmacist which was brought by Da Yori. After watching it for several times, we discussed and give our opinions about it. How was the pharmacist in the video? What did he do? What is the differences between pharmacist in the video and Indonesian pharmacist? That were the questions that should be answered after watching the video.

Below is the video


Some important notes that could be noticed in that video are:

  • The pharmacist did his job well. He welcomed the patient, asked the patient to wait for a few minutes. After that, he did his job as pharmacist, read the medical prescription, took some tablets in correct amount, based on the prescriptions, put them in the amber-colored drug container, and gave the drug label. Then, he dispense the drug to the patient, explained about the drug, its effect, and its adverse effects. After the patient were gone, he walked to the counter and wrote some notes related to the prescription.


  • He used drug-counter to count the pills, so he could get an exact amount (50 pills), then he put the pills into the container with the drug tray, so his hand didn’t touch the drug directly and he could prevent contamination from his hand. The container that he used is amber-colored container that might prevent the drug from direct sunlight or another light source.

And we asked to write the narrator and the pharmacist’s conversation to train our listening skill. It’s so hard because my listening skill is so bad. But below is several points that could I catch from the video.

When a prescription is written for a drug or treatment, the next step for the patients is usually a visit to the pharmacist.

Pharmacist: Give a few minutes, okay? Thank you.

And for most people that often means going to the local drugstore, hospitals, and community clinic have pharmacist this well.

Typically, the pharmacist spend most of the day standing at the counter, dispensing medications, and they also compound the medications. So, this is also the smaller part of pharmacist service.

While many of the drugs they handled are pre-packaged by manufacturers, pharmacist are expected to understand the ingredients and how they may interact with other medications.

This is the profession that requires careful attentions to detail. Making a mistake and dispensing the wrong medicine would have life-threatening consequences.

Pharmacist: Okay, Sir, your prescription are said….

Part of the job is being able to explain to people have the prescription should be taken or administered, and providing information on drug interaction and side effect.

Pharmacist:  ….

There is also a lot of people work in…. To study and become a pharmacist, you must first …of science and math by passing pharmacy college admission test. After earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the college or university, pharmacist then need to be life in separated states.

With some additional education, pharmacist can move into administration or teaching. They can even do research to develop new drugs. But the goal is the same, helping people get the medication they need to get well and stay healthy

Okay, that’s all of my essay. I am sorry for terrible way of writing.

Hope this article is helpful for you. Critics and suggestions are highly appreciated.


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