Where have you been?


Where have you been, the best generation?

O, the people who have a chance-to feel the sweetness of knowledge and experience.

Where have you been? Are you hiding in the labyrinth of passiveness and apathy?

Recently, I feel surprisingly bored and disappointed.

More I read, more I hear the stories of those students, I feel more ashamed.

Are we lack of gasoline and oil to drive the car named ‘good student’ and race in the road of ‘higher education’?

Every club in my campus always seems active and full of passion.

However, after several months, they freeze, dormant, and hibernate. Luckily, they have not died yet.

We are like robots that have been programmed to stay on campus from morning until afternoon.

However, maybe we lost a small, but important application called ‘passion’.

Passion. Passion. Passion.

Where have you been? Are you hiding?

Are you buried under our wall of routine activity?

Seems you have buried under our freezing mind and soul after 3 years.

Maybe. Because it remains as unanswered questions.

This is a diary of recently surprisingly-sharp-minded student who just can shout on her mind and on this journal. Maybe I am not an activist or somewhat like that. You can call me a blabber, NATO, or everything that you like. However, once again, this is just my opinion about recent condition in my campus.

Activist? Haha *cynical laugh*. They may proud of the title.

Hey, but, do you know, oh, people who called their self as activist? In my opinion, activists in campus is the people who can do their main duty as a student and at the same time, bring a change to their friends and the campus.

Don’t you dare to blame or underestimate the people called ‘study-oriented’. If they are not exist, the scientist and the specialist in many field of knowledge will not be exist too.

In my opinion, there real activist in my campus (well, i mean in my majority) have not exist yet, or maybe it is still partial. Just look the club activities, just like a dormant organism. If the chairperson or mentor is too busy, the staff cannot do anything. If the staff cannot do anything, the program will not be held.

And, one of many things that make me ashamed is we don’t have the academic atmosphere. The cafe is used to eat, chit-chat, and sometimes they held a meeting there. But, it is a really rare case. It’s hard to find some groups of student who talk and discuss about the lesson. Look at the library, maybe you will find senior students who search some journal or books related with their final task. No more.

My friends and I have planned to form a club, in which we can discuss and bring a bit of academic atmosphere, just like what my lecturer said in the 6th semester.

Hope this club will not grows like a polar bear, which hibernate in the winter. We, the former do not hope so. Please work hard, my friends! This is not an easy task to be carried out.

Here is our beloved campus, in which we should do something to take a role, at least a small role to change it in a better way.

Be proud of it! Be proud of being the agent of change!

P.S.: I’m sorry for being too rude in this article, but this is me, who can explode like a volcano when I can not keep and hold it well in my mind.


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