Now, I’m okay :)


Yesterday,I just passed the first step to achieve my next goal : finishing my graduate study on Clinical Pharmacy. To put it simply, yesterday, I passed the colloquium (a seminar to determine whether my research proposal can be actualized on the real research process or not).  Although the result is so-so, I mean, I did not get the best result, (well, it’s not all about what I want, right? It’s about what I deserved to get), I could accept it finally.

I always put a high standard for myself, especially for the things I want so much, or my passions. I interpreted the standard as A mark for my colloquium. But I could not get it because my research proposal was not enough. The concept still unclear, the instrument is not the best one, and many more.

And I cried.

Maybe it was silly, (I realized it about two hours after the colloquium ended) but actually I needed time to deal with myself, to accept the fact that I still have long way to go through.

I will be a Master soon, insya Allah, and of course, the path is not easy :D. It will not be same with the path that I took to get the Bachelor degree.

I should be more grateful because I had the chance to take the colloquium earlier than most of my friends.

I should be more grateful because Allah eased the process. I could answer most of the questions, at least, I could express my ideas without any necessary obstacles.


Ima, mou daijoubu dayo 😀

*my English got rusty. I am sorry for inappropriate grammar or any mistakes*


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