#12: Lesson Learned for Yesterday Seminar


I listened to the speakers explanation well. I am totally impressed on their achievements and their good personality. So these are the lessons that I got during the two-day seminars:

1. Be opened to new update on your field of knowledge. As a pharmacist, of course, you should renew your knowledge and information also. Do not acclaim yourself as the best one because on the outside, there are so many people who possess deeper and broader knowledge than you.

2. Do not limit yourself to one highly specific slice of the science. If you are interested in clinical field, it is good to enrich yourself with the essence of technology or chemistry also, and vice versa.

3. If you are still young and do not have any job or position, determine your target accurately and precisely. If you want to be a lecturer, make sure that your field of interest is truly your interest, not your professor’s, not your friend’s, nor your parent’s because it is you who will walk on the path that you have made.

4. Make a straight intention. Do not work to get proclamation from your colleagues or your professors as the young genius researcher or the next candidate of golden generation. You work, you learn, you do research to serve as His slave. Do not be other people’s slave.

5. Work hard. Success can not easily eaten like instant noodle.

6. Broaden your network. From same-age friends, seniors, lecturers, professors, or persons you met on the bus or cafe, just get acknowledged to them.

Okay, that’s all. I hope this will be useful. And sorry for mistakes here and there because I am still learning.


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