#13: Frozen


It appears that I was left behind. I just watched it last night and sorry to say, I am not too amazed.

The drawing are good, the animation is super, the voice is amazing, the plot is cliche yet still interesting. But I do not agree to the idea that the one who possess magical power (which could means ‘evil power’) should be free to do all that she want. She had to control herself, not escape from what she has done to her kingdom. Let it go~ let it go~ should we follow her song also? We have our own duty and should be responsible, right?

And of the blind faith. Should we believe the man just because all of his behavior are synchronized to us? Should we insist on what we thought as right and abandoned our family’s warning?

Also of the magical power. I am afraid that because of watching this kind of films too much, we will accustomed to magic and magician. They are Shirk, aren’t they?


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