#15: Move


Three posts about movie in a row. I hope it still amuses you.

This time, I will share my opinion on an Indonesian movie titled Manusia Setengah Salmon. Or you can say Half-Salmon Human in English. I know there are many people who have watched this movie or read the book titled same before, that written by Raditya Dika, a famous blogger and writer (he also directs some movies 🙂 ).

I love the ‘move-on’ philosophy that is introduced to the viewers. People move. People stay and go. Like a salmon that come back home to lay eggs (correct me if I’m wrong), humans also move. Back to their home, or go to another continent. Go to new workplace or just simply follow the husband to start a new life. Maybe you feel that you are one in a million who never move to the neighbor town or another island or another country, but please believe that you will move someday in some circumstances that you may not predict before.

Moving provide us a brand new chance to change and challenge ourselves to adapt against new environment, to be a new, fresh, or maybe cooler people, to taste new experiences, to build new network and new friends and acquaintances. Or it simply just free yourself from boredom of doing same daily routine. At first, we may afraid of new life that awaits or sad of memories left behind. But, yeah, moving is a process. We may still reluctantly let those old memories go, but slowly but sure, we will be accustomed, right?

For you who are ready to pack your stuff and move to new section of your life, congratulations! Have a good day, everyone :).


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