#17: Miracle is Started With A Smile

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I just read Satu Tiket ke Surga and La Tahzan for Teens (or A Ticket to Heaven and Do not be Sad for Teens if you want to know the English words for the title). Those books are really positive and make me feel grateful to Allah SWT who has given me everything in this life. I recommends you to read those book if you have free time. My short review in Indonesian could be read here and here.

So, after reading La Tahzan for Teens, somehow I want to be a person who likes to smile. I started this afternoon, after Zuhr time, when I went to take my Mom’s package from Bukittinggi. I met a girl on the way and smiled.  After that, my mind suddenly became so positive and I feel my heart calmer and more composed than usual.

See? Smile is a powerful medicine. Smile will help you to see the miracle in everything that surrounds you. Smile will help you to think positively and not easily disturbed or get angry. Smile will make your mind clearer so you can finish your duty on time. And there are many benefit of smile that cannot explained in details. Sorry for that, anyway.

So, have you smiled today? How often? Two times, three times, or every time, maybe?


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