#18: Man Shabara Zhafira


About three days ago, I went to campus to fulfill my plan: to discuss the result of my research with my professor and other lecturer. I arrived in campus a little late than what I have expected before so I did not meet anyone of them.

Hours passed and still, I did not see my professor and the lecturer. I feel a little bit despair and almost want to give up waiting. But, when my steps reached several meters away from Faculty of Pharmacy building, I changed my mind. I decided to waited them, no matter how long it would take.

Alhamdulillah, not long after that, I saw the lecturer. I met him and ask some questions about method of analysis that could be  used for my research. The lecturer explained some details until I got his point. After that, I say thank you and back to wait for my professor. About one hour after that, I met my professor and she said that I could wait because she had a seminar that should be attended. So, I waited her after seminar and we discussed after that. I got advices and suggestions to write my thesis and I expressed my gratitude to her. She is a really amazing professor, in my opinion :).

So, what I want to say here is, you should keep your patience. Do not give up easily, because the chance will come on the right time.

Many people who stopped their attempt on the last door. If only they are more patient, behind the door, gold and diamond awaits.

Sorry if my writings are confusing. Hope this post will be useful for you.


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