#19: Try and Try Again


So, based on my professor’s advice and suggestions, I had to re-analyze and make the new graph that summarizes the associations of four variables in my research. I used SPSS ver 17.0 to perform the analysis and graphs. I adjusted several variables before performing analysis and honestly, it was not too difficult.

The difficult one is to make the graph.

I tried several approaches to do that, from error bar graph, scatter graph, and lastly, line graph. The line graph appearance was close to what I imagined, but still, it could not summarize those variables in general. It just covered three variables, and if I could not finish the graph as soon as possible, my professor would not permit me to write the discussion part.

To make the trial and error process went easier, I browsed the net by using several keywords. I downloaded some articles and files, but it did not contains the answer of my question. Finally I got one so I applied the tips to my graph-making process and I succeeded!

If I remembered how many time I try and try to make the graph, it was countless, I think. If only I was not persistent enough last Friday, maybe I still could not make it. And the inventors and discoverers, long long time ago, faced heavier challenges, too! Thomas Alva Edison, one of the example. He invent the lamp after thousand times of trial and error.

So, if you try, and fails, do not let yourself down. Just try for the second, third, or maybe hundredth times. And see what miracle that awaits for you 🙂


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