#27: Database versus Detective

I watched Hyouka, one of the best anime that I’ve ever seen, this afternoon. I like the characters, the story, and the art. It was marvelous!

But, now, I will not explain nor review the anime. Suddenly, I remembered what Satoshi, one of supporting characters, said,”I am database. Database cannot make a conclusion.” And those dialogue could be heard repetitively throughout the series. Meanwhile, Oreki, the main character, ws appointed by Satoshi as the detective in their Classic Literature Club, regardless the energy-saving principle that he has. Unlike Satoshi, who could load his brain with thousands facts, from highly important to trivias, Oreki easily forgot almost everything-include the principal and student body chairman’s name. Oreki, on other side, prefer observing things which happened closely and make the theories based on them.

I wonder, is that true that people who has broad range of knowledge cannot propose theories? Is theory only could be proposed by a person who like thinking deeply and can focus on what he/she thought about?

Me, personally, like to think, also interested to new facts. I like to generalize some facts and make a theory or hypothesis based on them. But, still, I could not be the best database nor detective, like Satoshi or Oreki did.

So, do you agree with Satoshi’s opinion? Please share your arguments, too 🙂

And, today is the first day of Ramadhan, isn’t it? I deeply apologize if my opinion or comments or thought hurt you. 🙂


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