[Quick Post] Visiting Sabah – Day 1


Bismillahirrahmaanirraahiim… This is the view from my room in the 3rd floor of Zara’s Boutique Hotel. If I travel back to hours ago, everything passed quickly. Went out from the house at 06.15 am, then checked in around 7.15, rushed to the immigration to check the passport, took off at 08.30, arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport around 11.15 (local time). Then we claimed thr baggage, have our passports checked, had lunch, changed the money, did prayer (me not), and wait for the next flight to Kinabalu City, Sabah, at 14.25 pm. Arrived in Kinabalu, we did the similar procedure like in KL. Then, we took the ticket for the taxi, and arrived in the hotel. We checked in through a bit confusing situation and I arrived in the room around 18.30. Felt hungry, we walk to the Seri Malindo resto nearby the hotel, ordered special fried rice and mineral water. After that, we went to Seven-Eleven, buy some needs, and back to the hotel soon afterwards. Until this time, we still use the Indonesian simcard. Hope the best for tomorrow. P.s. :this is the first time I had been called ‘indon’ by the Malaysians. Do not know why, I felt a bit inconvenient after being called like that.


4 thoughts on “[Quick Post] Visiting Sabah – Day 1

    1. For participating the 24th FAPA (Federation of Asian Pharmaceuticql Association), An.

      It’s a brand new experience for me, so a bit confused at first, but yes, this is exciting 🙂 Thank you for sharing your comment 🙂


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