December 22nd


Today, Indonesian people celebrate Mother’s Day.

Regardless its history (which is related with Indonesian Women Congress which were held decades ago), we take Mother’s Day as a good chance to show special affection to our mother. Some people may take photo with their mother, buy her an expensive gift, treat her delicious food (or clothes or spa, maybe), make her favorite food, draw her portrait, simply longer hug and kiss for mother than usual, or pray for her health and goodness in dunya and the Hereafter. Some people create statuses in social media, other people choose to celebrate it secretively.

Whatever you do for your mother today, finally it is depend on yourselves. It’s okay to be different with your friend, or even, your siblings. Because our personality are all different, right? What’s more important is your intention. As long as you do it with good intention, your mother will be happy.

And, like others, I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day for my mom. Thank you for everything you have given to me. I am sorry if until now, I still bothers you with my selfish desire. May Allah bless and forgive you, Mom.

Also, Happy Mother’s Day for all women, whether they have became a mother or simply want to be one :).


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