EF#2 – Pharmacy Learning Portal Owner

What is your wildest dream?


Actually, I am not sure with the definition of ‘wildest dream’. Is it a dream that haunts you day and night night and day? Is it a dream that leads you to your wild imagination? Or is it a dream that seems impossible to be achieved achieve, yet you still want to keep it in your head and heart?

I have dreams; some of them were written in my previous post. But, my wildest dream is to own an online learning portal that focuses on Pharmacy. This idea came to my mind several months ago. I was inspired by Salman Khan’s project (Khan Academy) which provide a free learning videos for everyone who wants to learn mathematics, physics, computer programming, and other subjects. Since my background is in Ppharmacy, I want to focus on pharmacy it (and Ppharmaceutical Ssciences, if possible). My objective is to help Ppharmacy students to learn anywhere, anytime.

New Picture (2)

Khan Academy website (http://www.khanacademy.org)

At first, it may not contain any video, but I will try to write fresh articles which are easy to be understood understand. Besides of that, my learning portal will be linked to my online learning resources which contains e-books and selected scientific articles. which The visitors can get it for free. Not just that, they can request for a certain topic, so I will write an article based on the request. My portal will be well-organized and well-designed, so it can attract the visitors to come and learn. The contents will be updated regularly, too. When the portal is too big to be handled by myself for me to handle, I will recruit some contributors and tech-administrators, or any position anyone that can maintain the portal to function properly.

How about you? Do you have any wildest dream? Please let me know yours :).



This writing has been checked by Mbak Mikan, one of BEC’s mentors, and discussed in BEC Learning Group (Jan 19, 2015). Thank you for your explanation, Mbak Mikan 🙂

I just learned that not every passive word in Indonesian should be translated to passive form in English. 🙂

33 thoughts on “EF#2 – Pharmacy Learning Portal Owner

      1. I have a blog that was intended to contain articles related to Pharmacy, Mba, but it is not active for now 😀
        Thank you, Mba Mikan. I hope this idea will be turned into a real project as soon as possible 🙂


    1. We learned both chemical and herbal drugs, Bang
      Yes, English Literature is ‘sastra Inggris’ in English 🙂

      By the way, what leads you to that conclusion? Well, I planned to choose English Literature years ago, but I have no basic in social science lessons 😀


  1. You have pictured your dream so vividly, Ami. And it will be very regretful if this dream can’t be fulfilled. You know you can, so go on at full speed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ami,
    You updated your post already. I have the same issue with you, I tend to write in passive form.
    Good luck for your website, it is an awesome idea.


  3. Hi Ami, salam kenal! First, I have to say that your idea is awesome! I know I will be your number one fan (well, mostly to ask question! haha) if the site is up and running.
    I admire your writing!

    Salam, banana 🙂


    1. Hello, Mba Nana, salam kenal balik!

      Thank you, Mba 🙂 I thought that it’s almost impossible since I was too shy to tell this idea to my friends, I just did not know how to start. Now I get my confidence 🙂

      I will tell you if the site is running, in shaa Allah 😉 I admire your writing, too, but I have not put any comment yet *sorry, Mba*


  4. There are already too many people having “wild” dreams. I don’t. I have no grand dreams. Well, I do have dreams, but it’s not things people will say “Wow, hope you can make it!” or “You surely can do it!” and so on and so forth (trust me, they really won’t say it). That’s why it’s a bit difficult for me to share those dream matters with people. I share it to certain, of course. But I’d rather keep silence than being judged. lol.
    Anyway, break a leg, Ami! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kak Opat. Sharing the dreams is a personal matter, I think. Although I do not know your dreams, I think they are great like your nickname 🙂
      I would not tell this one if only BEC not include this topic for the second English Friday :D.

      Let’s strive for our dream! 🙂


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