EF#5 – Since I Joined BEC, My Life Seems so Brand New


“Please share what is BEC to you.”


It has been a month since I joined Blog English Club (BEC), a club which is formed to help its members to improve their English skill, particularly in writing. I knew this club from Kak Nita’s post. The concept is so good and promising, so I did not think twice to join. Since I stopped learning English formally three years ago and almost have no time to polish my English skill, I thought this is a good chance for me to learn English and make new friends.

Impacts of BEC to myself and my blog

Since I joined BEC, I gained both English knowledge and new friends. I used to be a solitary blogger and now I know many great bloggers who live in different cities and areas in this world. Some of them, especially the mentors (no, do not read it as dementors, please 🙂 ), have an outstanding English skill, so it keeps me motivated. It was a pity that I could not join the recent learning sessions, so I should learn by myself.

Not only good in English skill, they also have some interesting perspectives about their lives, which are reflected in their writings. They also regularly posts on their blogs, not only on Friday, but also on other days. Some of them even save a day in a week to write on finance, health, motivation, and many other topics. Because of that, I forced myself to write more, so I can publish my posts regularly.

My expectations for BEC

I hope BEC will always be there to provide a great (and free) chance to learn English. Just by maintaining its function as a learning group already makes me grateful. Setting too high expectations for BEC may burden the admins, so I will let our beloved club grows and explores its own way.

My critics towards BEC

BEC’s WhatsApp groups are nice and fun, but I find it is not as interesting as before. Maybe it is because the groups are quite crowded and I cannot participated actively because the pace of discussion is very fast. It is my fault, so I will not ask the admins to take their responsibilities. I should manage myself to keep myself interested in joining the discussion.

BEC’s blog is good and well-organized. However, the English Essentials page is so quiet.  Moreover, we have 4 members whose posts are analyzed and corrected every Monday by our mentors. It will be nice if the summary of Monday learning sessions is also included in BEC’s blog, but I could not find it.

My suggestions for BEC activities

Admins of BEC have done their job well in managing the flow of discussion in the WA group. As for BEC’s blog, the English Essentials is need to be updated regularly because it can help the members who cannot participate in learning session. To make our learning materials more complete, I hope the summary of Monday learning sessions will be included in the blog. BEC can recruit contributors to help writing the summary.

Also, to make the English Friday challenge more fun, admins or mentors may choose one of the members’ posts to publish in the blog based on the writing or the idea itself. The members may vote for ‘BEC Post of the Month’ award, like what people do in magazines or TV programs :).

As for outdoor activities, BEC’s outing can be held monthly, so the members can get know more each other. In the outing, we may have games, free talking, and lunch session.


Joining BEC is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I believe that BEC has a clear vision and good concept to start with, so I hope this, no, our beloved club will last forever. Thank you admins and mentors for your contributions until now. For other members, let’s strive to improve our English skill!

P.S.: Please excuse my lame parody of Christian Bautista’s song refrain :).

40 thoughts on “EF#5 – Since I Joined BEC, My Life Seems so Brand New

  1. Hi Ami, thank you so much for your bunch of idea. 🙂

    Ami, if I can help the other admin to answer, for English Essential, so far have a function as the media for the conclusion of Wednesday Learning in our WA Group and we will always update the English Essential every week. Hopefully it will help the other member who do not join our chat in WA.

    And hopefully we will maintain BEC more better in the future. Thank youuu! *kisses*

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    1. Never mind, Kak Deva. Please forgive my impatience, because I cannot wait for the next English Essentials 😀 as I have not enough time to write the lessons in my notebook. Thanks for explaining the function of that page to me, Kak 🙂 .

      Yep, I hope BEC will be better in the future 🙂 🙂

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  2. Wow. Ami… Very nice. Thank you so much for those ideas. One of the reason we choose this week themes is this. To explore any possibility to improve our beloved BEC. Thank you so much Ami.

    Like Deva already mentioned, EE will be published for recap of the Wednesday’s session. And actually you can see them on our twitter account also. Hopefully we, admins, can keep up with all members’ expectations.

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    1. Yes, I hope so :).
      You are welcome, Mas Ryan :). I enjoy writing this post, actually, because I can write my personal impression without any need to incorporate some facts, like what I have done in my previous EF post.

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  3. What a nice writing, Ami 🙂
    I do hope that this group will last forever, too, since there is too many advantages we can get from this community.
    So inspiring, so enlightening 🙂

    p.s. I don’t know which part in this post that is a parody from Bautista’s song. Haha. Forgive me 😀


    1. Thanks, Bang Gara 🙂
      Never mind. It’s on the title. The original lyric is “since I found you, my world seems so brand new.” But I changed some part, and voila! 😀


    1. Mba Mikan, now that you mention it, I do not know how to summarize the discussion session on Mondays :mrgreen:. I just came up with that idea. Maybe we can focus on grammatical errors that frequently found in those posts. Or simply summarizes the comments from BEC mentors for each post by pinpointing grammatical or systematic aspect of those writings.

      Thanks a lot, Mba Mikan. This week, I read more articles in English based on your suggestion several weeks ago :).

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      1. I am happy to hear that Ami. I was just thinking about your suggestion and wondered what’s the most effective way because there are a lot of points discussed.
        I can see the effect in your piece already :-). Keep it up!


  4. If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have noticed that this post’s title was inspired by a line from Christian Bautista’s song. ^^v

    Your writing is so neat. I envy that 😉


    1. Haha, it’s okay. You are not the only one. Since I changed the verb and the object on the first clause, you might not notice it :).

      Your writing is neat, also have a natural flow, Mba Ziyy. Maybe because you read a lot and me not :mrgreen: . I hope my writing will flow smoothly like yours :).


  5. Ami, You are one of BEC members who has improved very well judging from your posts before and after BEC. Well done!

    I see you are bursting with impeccable ideas about how to take BEC to a higher level. I guess we need to be patient as the awesome admins do and arrange things amidst their jobs and other activities, spending their spare precious time for this voluntarily and for free 🙂

    Like Mikan I am also curious about what/how would you like the summary of WhatsApp session looks like. Let me know so that we can discuss this with the admins.

    Have a nice week end!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Mba Yo :). I have been trying to read more English articles and check the correct form of expression as you told :).

      Maybe I was a bit too excited with this week’s challenge, so I wrote anything that passed in my mind.

      I will let you know as soon as I finish the draft, Mbak. Thank you, and you too! ^_^


  6. Salam kenal Ami. Great post, I agree with your suggestion for BEC activities, especially ‘BEC Post of the Month’ award and the outing. Sesekali pengen juga ikutan outingnya biar kenal lebih dekat dgn yg lain.


    1. Thank you, Mbak Inci :). I just spilled my ideas out and let’s wait for their (admins’) decision. I hope BEC will be better in the future :).

      I want to join the outing, too. It must be fun 😀


  7. Wehehehe somehow we face the same problem. The WA chat group becomes very active now which makes me hard to cope sometime. But it’s fun taking part in this new-expanding group.

    I always love your English writing mba Ami. I love how you use different vocabs and structures for different posts. Can you share me some tips?? 🙂


    1. Indeed, Mba Sandrine. I would like to join the live chat but I couldn’t 😐

      Thanks a lot, Mba. I do not know why, because I am still trying to find my style :). Usually my writing is depended on my mood and my reading experience. For this post, I trained myself by reading English articles and checking the correct expression using Google. I hope it can help you for the next challenge :).

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