EF#6 – Talkative yet (a bit) Dark


Monokuma, a character from Danganronpa the Animation (picture source: http://danganronpa.wikia.com)


When talking about alter ego, we often think about its negative aspects. I do not know much about psychology, but, in my opinion, alter ego is a mechanism of a person to fulfill different expectations from his/her social environment. For example, B is a student. He is known as a polite and kind person in his neighborhood, but often bullies his juniors at school because of peer pressure. His peers will assume that B’s alter ego is how B interacts in his neighborhood. Yet, his neighbors will think the opposite, since they already have a mindset that B is polite and kind.

My alter ego in real life

People said that I am a quiet person. I will not deny their opinion about me because I do not like to talk much. However, I can be a talkative person in several situations. First, when talking to my parents and sister. In front of them, I can be very noisy because of my loud voice. Second, when chatting with my close friends. We share similar perspectives and interests, so we can talk endlessly, even when a lecturer explained a lesson in front of our class. Third, when I feel an urge to talk to other people. I have ever talked to a local tourist and ended up giving recommendation about good places in my hometown. I ever ran after an associate professor in Malaysia and talk to him because I was very interested in his research field. Ironically, I was not that confident when facing my professors in my campus.

My alter ego as a blogger

This idea came up to my mind lately. Besides this blog which is created to share opinions and knowledge, I have another blog which is merely consisted of fiction writings. Some of my stories is quite dark and depressing. I have written a story of a student who is very bright and kind, but have an alter ego as a blogger who wrote dark stories to release his stress. Thinking about it, I wonder whether I have an alter ego as a dark person or not, since I am not that depressed in my real life.


In my opinion, having an alter ego is not always negative. It depends on what alter ego that we choose. However, it will be better if we integrate the good aspects or our alter ego to our personality to make it better as a whole.


This post is written to fulfill EF#6 weekly challenge – Alter Ego.

26 thoughts on “EF#6 – Talkative yet (a bit) Dark

  1. I kinda remember the Dramaturgy Theory when you guys talk about alter ego. Adapted into sociology field by Erving Goffman, that theory assumes us, living people, as an actor in a stage: what we would show to our audiences would be very different with what we show backstage. The “role” we show on stage is a version of our self to another people, what we want other people to see, while the “real” us backstage will be shown only to people that have our genuine trust, such as family and significant other.

    No wonder everyone has his/her alter ego :hihi. But are their alter ego, indeed, their genuine self? That questions can be answered only by the person, and God. Honestly, I also don’t know whether my alter ego is my true self, or another way around? :confused :haha

    Ah, sorry for this long, lecture-like comment. :))

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    1. It’s okay, Bang Gara. I am glad to understand more about alter ego. After reading your comment and Kak Deva’s post, I doubt my own post :). I am afraid that I mixed up my understanding about alter ego and real self.


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