#EF7 – The Junction



Hello, everyone! Now that you have arrived in Jambu Aia, a village in Agam regency, let me show you a nice view that you can enjoy from my house’s balcony.
My house is located in front of a three-way junction. In the morning, around 9 am, you may not see many vehicles. The students have safely arrived in their schools , so does the workers who probably are busy doing their tasks now. However, if you stay until 4 pm, this area will be more crowded of vehicles. Some foodstalls nearby my house will be opened and many people come to stay and eat or to take food to their home.

The strategic location of my house made me feel grateful. When I was a college student and stayed in Padang, sometimes I went to my hometown at 6 pm due to the tight schedule. I might arrive at 8 pm or later. Even so, my parents did not need to be worried, since the bus passed my house.

Located near the junction, my house is connected with the crowded and busy surrounding. Sometimes, the horn of the trucks sounded too noisy, so did the police’s whistle. Still, I love this place, no matter how noisy it is.

In my opinion, the calm and peaceful life not only can be found in the quiet, remote places. As long as your mind and soul are positive, you can find a way to live a peaceful life, at least to have a high quality sleep.


This post is submitted to fulfill the seventh challenge of English Friday.


30 thoughts on “#EF7 – The Junction

  1. Wow ami…I can feel you. I used to live near the crowded. On the first I slept there..I couldn’t sleep. But well, like you said..as.long as we have a peaceful mind, everything will seems quiet..

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    1. Thanks Mba Jo *high five*
      My friends asked me whether I could sleep well or not in the night. In reality, I can sleep well unless I feel anxious or stressed :D.


  2. Your house is so strategically positioned, Ami. :))
    Yes, I on the same side with Miss Joice, one of the inconvenience in living near busy street (one could say so) is the noise–that’s why I prefer to live far from the boulevard (although I am now living near one :huhu).

    Nicely portrayed.


    1. Yes, Mbak Ola 🙂
      It is! From Kentucky Fried Chicken to Roti O, from martabak kubang to fried kwetiauw. Oh no, just by imagining those foods make me …. *silently looks to the outside*

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  3. Agree Ami. I used to live near the train rail. Every now and then, sound of train passed by would be annoying. But not for us, me and my family. Once, my friend stayed for the night and he curious, how can we all slept like a baby.

    Even, I remembered one time, when Bengkulu had earthquake (10) all my neigbour were running out the house. But me, my brother, my sister and my late father were sleeping.

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    1. Maybe that’s because we are already accustomed to the noisy sound of vehicles 😀

      I see… that’s unbelievable, the earthquake seized your house and you still could sleep :D.

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  4. I think I should ride slower in that junction next time, to make sure which one your house is. And…. I think it’s quite easy to guess. The house near the junction, having balcony, and… I don’t even need any markers… Right at the junction :mrgreen:


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