EF#8 – To You, 10-year-old Me


one of your treasures


Dear 10-year-old me, how are you? Today is Friday, so you are wearing a green-black uniform and a white veil to cover your hair, right? Did you arrive at school on time?

I know that no matter how hard you try, you always rush in last minute, afraid of coming late. Yet, you never late to school. Pretty lucky, huh?

It seems that you enjoy your life as a junior high school student. You love biology because you aspire to be a doctor like Father. To put it more precisely, you want to be a pediatrician who run a small clinic in your future house and work in a hospital. What a great life it would be.

You may not believe me, but life takes unexpected turns.

Guess what, in the future, you have no right to diagnose and treat patients, even just to stitch a minor wound. However, you possess a qualification and knowledge related to drugs. What, drugs? Yes, you are not misreading. You will have a license as a pharmacist, like Father’s eldest sister. You will know a bit of chemistry, a bit of human physiology, and a lot of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. Do not worry, studying pharmacy is cool. A pharmacist is not inferior to a doctor. You will learn how to collaborate with other health professionals, not only with doctors, but also dentists, nurses, midwifes, and dieticians.

Enough talking about your future major in university. It seems that you are covering your ears now, as if my handwriting can speak loudly by itself. No matter what I say, you are confident enough to say that being a doctor is your destiny. I will not blame you for that confidence. Yet, at least you should study seriously from now if you really want to be a doctor. Your good marks in biology is not enough.

What? You want to know why?

Fine, I will tell you another spoiler of your future. At high school, you will be slow at mathematics and physics because you just dislike them. Your rank in your class will drop drastically. Because of that, you lost a chance to be a university student without any test. Wait, are you shocked now? That’s why you ought to be more persistent in studying, so you can understand all subjects, no matter how hard it seems.

However, do not worry too much. Just enjoy your life and make the most of it.

That is all for now. I may write to you another time. 



20-year-old you.

P.S. Please do not mind if I share this letter with your future friends in Blog English Club as my eighth submission of English Friday.

29 thoughts on “EF#8 – To You, 10-year-old Me

  1. I wonder, what will our ten-year-younger self would do, if they read our letters? :hehe.
    That would surely interesting to know, I think :)).

    Great letter 🙂


  2. Being a pharmacist is fancy, too. Because what the doctors use to cure people is medicine, right? And medicine is made by the pharmacists, so you guys are cool! 😎
    I just hope that you can make a good medicine with less indications for the patient.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mbak Nad. That’s why I choose to stay in pharmacy despite of re-took the national university entrance test.
      Since I am not into drug development field, I am afraid that I cannot help you. Yet, I am sure that many pharmacists out there will try to make better and safer drugs for the patients.


      1. My field is clinical pharmacy, but my past research field is social pharmacy :). However, I have not practiced as a pharmacist yet because of some reasons, just focused on teaching for now.


    1. I always wonder why some people can understand mathematics and physics easily :D. Maybe people have their own strengths and weaknesses.
      Thanks a lot, Mas Dani :).


    1. Thanks, Kak Deva. Yours is also good.
      I think mine is not that good since I have limited vocabularies. Thus I found it a bit hard to express my thoughts in this (and previous) EF challenges :mrgreen:


    1. *high five*
      That’s true, Mbak Ziza. I do not know why integrals and differentials are very difficult, so does forces and electricity (In fact, I did not understand most of senior high school physics and maths :D) . I am glad that I can pass the final exam despite of my pitiful ability.

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      1. Wkwkw…
        Alhamdulillah masih ada temennya.
        (Gak mudheng tapi kok seneng)
        Go forward Ami, hopefully you can be great pharmacist and keep share your knowledge at the world.
        Sampaikanlah walaupun hanya satu ayat.


  3. First, Ami… You are really young. Wowww. I thought you were around 25.

    Btw, for this sentence:
    A pharmacist is not inferior to a doctor.
    Why are you use inferior? Any particular reason?
    If I were you, I would put this way:
    A pharmacist is not as fancy as a doctor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why did you think my age is around 25, Mas Ryan? Am I look that old? 😀

      Actually, that was what younger me believe: there is no health professional who is as fancy as doctor. I was trying to tell that her opinion was incorrect by using that sentence (a pharmacist is not inferior to a doctor). 🙂

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