Photography 101: Triumph


Here is my interpretation for the last theme of Photography 101: Triumph. In my opinion, a plant which grows on an unusual surface has a hard life. In this case, it grows on an old, unused wooden cupboard. Thus, as it has been alived until now, I decided to portray that plant to celebrate its moment of triumph.

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EF#12 – Public Transportation in Bukittinggi



As a person who do not own nor drive any vehicle, I usually choose public transportation to go to many places in Bukittinggi, except when I had to go to work in the morning. Although the idea to go alone often came up to my mind and I had stated the idea to my parents, they asked me to wait and went to work together by car. Even though getting a ride in my father’s car is very convenient, I would not explain it further in this post. Instead, I would share a bit information about public transportation in Bukittinggi.

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Photography 101: Edge


I took this picture this morning. That unfinished building is a public high school in my hometown which are still being renovated. To get the horizontal lines straight, I used gridlines while capturing the picture, then edited it using a simple photo editor software.

And, if you are curious about that orange car, it is belong to the police office :D.