Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward


When I feel glad, usually I give myself simple reward, be it food, ice cream, or book.

Last Monday, I felt like eating anything but rice for the afternoon. I was glad after having my first wage. Then, I found a box of instant spaghetti in the cupboard and cooked it as instructed. I add grated cheese onto it. However, when I was about to eat, I remembered this challenge and took several photos of it. I chose the one which I like most. Hope you will like it, too!

PS. I shared the spaghetti with my mom. Surprisingly, she liked it.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

  1. Oh, I love spaghetti very much :hehe.
    It looks very delicious with the cheese. A really nice reward… oh, and did I read about your first paycheck? Maybe it’s time for treating… :hihi.
    Great photo!

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    1. Nope, Mas Ryan. I did not add anything but cheese to the spaghetti. They include hot and spicy sauce inside the package, and as what I can remember, no beef in the sauce.

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