EF#9 – Meet Me in Person

DSCF1898 - CopyBismillahirrahmaanirrahiim…

Being a lone ranger in a blogging world may sound cool, but who can resist the temptation to meet some people who share the same passion with you? Even an introvert person like me love the idea to meet fellow bloggers. It will be more fun to see each other in person than just interacting with usernames and avatars.

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Photography 101: Solitude


Look at the blue object! That is a well-known mountain in West Sumatra, Indonesia, named Mount Marapi (2,891.3 m). It is still active. Sometimes, the smoke appeared on the top. Still, it is one of favorite destinations for mountain climbers in West Sumatra.

Actually, I am not quite satisfied with the result, but this is the best I could do. I will appreciate any suggestions to improve my next photos. Thank you very much!