EF#9 – Meet Me in Person

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Being a lone ranger in a blogging world may sound cool, but who can resist the temptation to meet some people who share the same passion with you? Even an introvert person like me love the idea to meet fellow bloggers. It will be more fun to see each other in person than just interacting with usernames and avatars.

My meet up experiences

I have my first WordPress blog in 2009, but this blog was created a year later. At that time, my blog  roll list was dominated by my friends and seniors. Thus, I did not see any importance to have a special meet up event since we often met each other in our campus. Slowly but sure, I got to know other bloggers outside my faculty. Some of them were also students in University of Andalas, others came from different areas in Indonesia. Blogging has been more fun since then.

Despite of having a quite long experience in blogging, I was not a sociable blogger at that time. I did not join any community, be it local or national ones. I thought that blogging is just an activity to train my writing muscle, that’s why I was too passive to ask at least another blogger to meet with.

Yet, time passed and I have gotten older (and hopefully, more mature). I realized that my opinion was not true. Humans are social creatures, so does bloggers (as long as they are human, not robot 😀 ).

If I am not mistaken, my first meet up is in early 2013 with Kak Aini, a nurse who currently teaches in a college of health sciences in Bukittinggi. Well, I am not remembered the details, since it was a rather short meet up. She came to the my faculty to ask for some movies from me because we share same interest in Japanese movies and dramas. At that time, we decided to sit at a nearest cafe from Faculty of Pharmacy building and talked about random things. She was surprised that I can continue to master program as soon as I graduated from the bachelor program. It was impossible to do in Faculty of Nursing because nurses who wish to continue their study should have at least two years of clinical experience. Well, I am grateful because of the privilege that I had. However, we could not talk longer because she had to go soon.

My second meet up is several months later, in December 2013. Actually, I am not sure whether this is counted as a meet up or not. At that time, I was on clinical clerkship in Internal Medicine Department at a public hospital in Padang. I recognized one of a medical students who were on clinical clerkship, too. However, I was too shy to ask him since I was not quite sure whether he is Aan, the owner of this blog. It ended up that he approached me first to make sure whether his guess was correct or not. We only have a short conversation since we had to do our own duties.

Unfortunately, because both of those meet up ended quickly, we did not have any chance to take photo together.

My dream meet up event

I do not really set a high standard for the meet up event that I wish to join. I only need a nice place to hold the event. If you meet me by any chance, let’s get to know each other. Then, we will talk about our interests and hobbies. Our conversation may be longer than what we predicted, so good meals and drinks are necessary to accompany our conversations. It will be great if you bring a good book or an external hard disk with you, so we can exchange books and movies.


Since I have never been met any member of BEC, I wish I can join other BEC’s meet up event. If that’s not possible, at least I can meet a member. You may find me as a quiet and awkward person, but I hope you do not mind with it.

This post is submitted to fulfill the ninth challenge of English Friday.

14 thoughts on “EF#9 – Meet Me in Person

  1. So, when will we meet? :hihi
    Ah, I agree with Mas Ryan about the introvertness and lonesome-bloggerness. I’ve been through those times, too. But maybe I am more social than what I’ve thought before, so the urge in meeting another blogger seems growing and growing :hehe.
    I am sure that meeting another bloggers will be such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. :)).


    1. Indeed!
      When will we meet? Haha, I cannot answer the question now. If we are destined to meet each other in an event or other occasions, then we’ll meet for sure 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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