Photography 101: Pop & Color


This world is full of colors. We can find it everywhere, for example in many buildings, be it houses, shops, or offices. Yet, a kindergarten building is always looks brighter among other buildings, that’s why I decided to capture it.

I took this photo on this morning, when my parents and I were jogging. Actually, I also shot several photos of plants and flowers. However, after checking the result on my laptop, only this one which could be posted. The rest were streaky, maybe because the digital camera which I used is quite old.

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[Pharmonday] Vaksinasi di Indonesia dan UK



Sudah dua pekan Pharmonday libur karena satu dan lain hal. Maafkan saya, ya. Insya Allah ini jadi awal yang baru untuk rubrik ini.

Untuk menjawab rikuesan dari Mbak Ziza yang bertanya tentang perbedaan vaksinasi di Indonesia dan UK, saya mencoba untuk merangkumnya dalam bentuk tabel sebagai berikut.

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