EF#11 – Purple and Black



I love seeing other people in nice outfits, yet I prefer wearing simple clothes for myself. Most of my outfits are plain, dark-colored. Long shirt and black skirt are my best companion when I was a student. Since I graduated and lived in my hometown, I mix and matched my clothes to make my appearance better than before. Instead of wearing plain shirts all the time, I tried to wear floral dresses or checkered shirts or sleeveless dresses combined with blazers.

Purple is my favorite color, besides black, blue, and grey. Although I am not a purple freak, I have five or six purple shirts. That is a quite huge number for me. I only  have one or two shirts of the same color, usually.

The picture above was taken on December 2013. My outfit at that time consisted of purple veil, purple shirt, black tank top (as an outergarment), black pleated skirt, and brown leather shoes. More than a year later, I wore another outfit which is similar in color.

So, here is my outfit of the day. I am sorry because the photo quality is not too good.


Veil: Purple veil.

Top: Purple polka dot shirt (Mount Blessing). Its sleeves is a bit short, so I wear a black, long-sleeved shirt beneath it (Akasha).

Skirt: Black A-line skirt (Hilla Sari).  I wear brown long pants beneath the skirt. It’s too bad I do not know its brand.

Socks: Beige, with black soles (Barokah).

Shoes: Brown, leather shoes (Buccheri).

This challenge is a bit frustrating for me as I do not know much about fashion. Besides that, my head was hazy when writing this post. Feel free to give me some critics and/or suggestions.

18 thoughts on “EF#11 – Purple and Black

  1. Aku jg jarang pke warna cerah. Banyakan gelap dan yg orang2 bilang warna aman. Trus gak suka ribet jd seringan ya rok, t-shirt, krudung. Dan gitu aja. Males pke yg bertumpuk2


  2. Hey, you look good in that dress :)).
    Dark colors are the best, as I like wearing clothes that have dark colors too, even though I won’t resist the temptation in wearing colorful shirts either :hihi.


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