Photography 101: Edge


I took this picture this morning. That unfinished building is a public high school in my hometown which are still being renovated. To get the horizontal lines straight, I used gridlines while capturing the picture, then edited it using a simple photo editor software.

And, if you are curious about that orange car, it is belong to the police office :D.


7 thoughts on “Photography 101: Edge

  1. Oh, the car looked like Vital Object Security’s car, ya…
    Nah, this is a new knowledge for me: using gridlines. I’m not used in using it, instead I would just take a picture and then if it isn’t leveled I’ll be leveling it up with a photo-processing software :haha.

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    1. Really? I have never heard of that kind of car 😀
      That’s a good idea, too. But, leveling the photo is quite frustrating using my tablet 😀 *maybe it’s just me*


      1. Usually they patrolled near a foreign country’s embassy. I’ve seen one parked in front of Japan Embassy here in Thamrin :)).
        Leveling photos is an exhausting task, I know :haha.


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