After reading some posts submitted for this thirteenth challenge of English Friday, I realize that I am not the only member who is not into sports. When I was a student, physical education was my biggest weakness. However, to keep my body healthy, I do some sports when I have free time.

Walking is my favorite sport until now. For a person who does not have a high physical endurance like me, this kind of sport is the best choice. It does not need any special gear like tennis or basketball. I only need to wear a comfortable shirt, a pair of trousers, and a pair of running shoes, then what I have to do next is just walking. Be it for 100 meters, 1 kilometers, or more, walking is always fun because I do not have to be in a rush to finish a predetermined route. Not only that, walking can be done alone or with other people (family, friends, partner, etc.). I walk alone to enjoy the scenery and contemplate. I walk together to grab a sense of togetherness and a bit of competitiveness.

So, what is your favorite sport?

25 thoughts on “EF#13 – Walk… Just Walk!

  1. Walking is a basic thing that human can do so I loves walking :hehe, but actually it’s because I don’t really into sports too :hehe. But I have to move my body sometimes… doh, the dilemma is kind of exaggerating ya :hehe.

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