Writing 101: Unlock the Mind



There are 2 things that I am very interested about it: time and mind.

Time is like a straight, one-way tunnel. We can go forth, but cannot go back. We can foresee and predict, but cannot hop further because the tunnel is really crowded. I cannot see any possibility to time travel for unclear reason. Maybe it’s because we are only allowed to have normal velocity so we cannot increase it drastically to travel forth. Maybe we cannot set the velocity into negative value, so we cannot travel back. In fact, we cannot do it, right? However, the story about time traveling is just great. I didn’t read many of them, but they taught similar lesson: do not ever try to change your past because the change may cause unwanted chaos in your life. Even small change can result in big impact in your future.

Mind is like a big, deep well, which is colourful outside, but dark and puzzled inside. Nobody can exactly know what others are thinking. Even they may not know their mind well. Why some memories remains, yet others are erased? Is it really erased or just being moved into the other section and we can dig it later if we want?
I have not read much about how our mind works so, I cannot answer those questions by myself. Yet, I can understand a little bit of mind after reading several pages of Daniel Keyes’ Flowers for Algernon. It is really scary if we increase our intelligence drastically, that’s what i got from the novel.

Okay, that’s all for now.

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