Writing 101: A Room with A View



I cannot choose one of many places that I have ever been in. That’s too hard since every place has its own memories.

However, when I think about it, I will choose a room in the 3rd floor of Zara’s Boutique Hotel which is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The room was my first-single occupied room, although it supposed to be occupied by two persons from the start. Something happened and I had to stay in that room alone for 2 nights.

The room was not lavish. Only a beige room with two beds, a mini closet, a safebox, a television, two or three tables, and a bathroom with shower and a toilet. It has a large window and an AC, too. From the window, I can see another building, probably another hotel which was being built. The bed was nice and comfortable, although it was pretty plain, with plain white bedcover and pillow. I could not see the floor material, but it was warm because was covered with a large brown mat.

That was my very first international trip, so I was very confused at first. However, after the first night passed, I could immerse myself in my private zone. I have other private zones of course, yet this was different. Very private without noisy chatterous sound from the neighboring rooms like in my old boarding house. I could rest on my bed while watching television and browsing the net on the first day. That moment was just like an oasis in the desert of my hectic, tiring days of preparing for thesis defense.

If I have the chance to stay in that room in the future, I will be glad for it. It will be more fun if I come to that city for traveling, not just for attending a congress like what I did in early October last year.


8 thoughts on “Writing 101: A Room with A View

  1. The way you describe it makes me think that you aren’t longing to be at that exact room but you miss the situation of the room, how the room made you feel – that you could enjoy your solitude and relax there.. Is that what you want others to feel after reading it? I love your writing..

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