Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice

Three most important songs in my life


To choose three most important songs in my life, I required much time for thinking to make sure whether they are really important for me or not. This is different with choosing three most favorite songs- I can mentioned any song  which I love to listen. Thus, I tried to dig my memories related to songs that I have ever listened to in my life.

1. Indonesia Raya (national anthem of Indonesia)

Indonesia Raya, composed by Wage Rudolf Supratman, cannot be separated from Indonesian national movement. It was first played in 1928 and is still always played in many occasions, not only to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day every year on August 17th, but also in (almost) any formal ceremonies.

Regardless its long history, I have a particular reason to choose this song. This song was used to select first year students in my school to join a choir. We were trained to perform at two important events: Indonesian Independence Day ceremony and official announcement of Perpustakaan Proklamator Bung Hatta, a national library in my hometown. Since I joined the choir, I know how to sing national anthem and other national songs better than before. My heart is moved when I sing this anthem.

2. Kenny – Cinta untuk Mama (Love for Mama)

I knew this song when I was still a kid. The lyric is simple, yet has deep meaning. In general, this song tells a feeling of a child who cannot give anything to his mom but a simple song to convey his feelings. Listen to it and you may cry.

3. The Sketchbook – Michi (Path)

It is an opening theme of SKET Dance, an anime serial. As its title suggests, this song tells that each of us may face a hard path, yet we should keep going on. We may be alone when we take our first step, but do not worry, because we may meet some people in that path and accompany us to reach the destination.

This song got me from the first time I listened to it. Its music and lyrics make me energized. I often listened to it while writing thesis and other assignments. Besides that, this song introduced me to The Sketchbook and their good songs. I like some of their songs until now.


7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice

  1. Yeah it’s a bit different between ‘the important songs to us’ and ‘songs which we love to listen’. Ah, I would pick Indonesia Raya too, it’s heartwarming to listen to this anthem. Nice post, Mba Ami 😊

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