EF#14 – (Un)forgotten Ikkyu-san



She was supposed to enjoy writing a post for this challenge, yet she wasn’t. It would be easier if she had to tell her favorite comic/cartoon character without any need to bring her childhood memories. She will choose Oreki Houtarou, a lead character from Hyouka. She knew Hyouka on late 2013 when she was in her late teenage phase.

She just realized that this fourteenth challenge was not easy at all. However, she had to write, no matter how hard it is.

The only problem is to choose her favorite characters among many characters out there. When she was an elementary schoolgirl, she barely knew her favorite characters. She rarely enjoyed cartoons on Sundays because her parents applied a strict rule about watching cartoons. Thus, when her parents were not at home during school holidays, she found a little happiness by watching Doraemon or other cartoons. However, if she leapted the time and went back for several years more, she would know that her favorite character was Ikkyu-san. Ikkyu-san was a smart Buddhist monk who could solve many problems. She might even not know what problems are or how that character started thinking until finding the best solution because she was too young to digest the story. Even so, she was happy when Ikkyu-san appeared on the TV. She even followed the opening song while singing with her imperfect pronunciation.

Ironically, she barely remembered that she ever enjoyed watching Ikkyu-san in her childhood phase. If only her uncle did not tell her fondness to Ikkyu-san and repeated it over and over when he stayed at home during Eid El-Fithr holidays, she would not remember it. She felt like an amnesiac adult who lost a piece of her childhood memory. Still, it was better than did not have any memory at all.

She had to admit that sometimes, other people may know herself better. That was another lesson she learned by writing this story.

The main character shares name with me. Haha, no, she is me. Myself. I just wrote a story about myself using third person POV. I hope this story does not confuse you.


26 thoughts on “EF#14 – (Un)forgotten Ikkyu-san

  1. I like this third person scenario. i liked IkkyuSan, too. I remember that I used to mirror his meditation pose whenever I need to calm my self. πŸ˜€


  2. So now she’s not cute anymore *commenting the previous comment*

    IkkyuSan. Love his way thinking and searching solutions. He would made circle on his baldy head. Right? I hope I’m not mistakenly remembering.


    1. San in Indonesian… since he was still a young monk, I think it means ‘Si’. It can be translated as Tuan also because in English, the function of ‘san’ is similar with Mr. San is a common honorific in Japan since they don’t call someone just by his name if they do not know that person very well.

      That’s just my opinion, though :).


  3. I can’t remember Ikkyu-san, either :malu. But he is a good character, I think… ah, I don’t have a clear remembrance about my past regarding this theme, too… *malah curhat*.


    1. Haha, somehow I am glad that I am not the only member who have blurry memory related to this theme. I will wait for your story :). I am sure you can make it :).

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ikkyu san… tuk tuk tuk……. aha… I’ve got an idea… pengisi suaranya kalo ga salah sama kyk pengisi suaranya sinchan ya? yg jd tuyul di sinetron Tuyul dan Mbayul.. siapa itu namanya, lupa…


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