Writing 101: Serially Lost



Losing someone or something important often makes us filled with negative emotions. That’s natural because humans have a strong sense of belonging. We may be angry, we may be sad. We may regret, we may blame other people or ourselves instead. Some people may need time to be alone until they can accept the reality.

Like other people, I had experienced various episodes of loosing someone or something important in my life. I will share one of them for you all.

That was a calm day on November 2014. I just lied on my sister’s bed because I went home late the day before. I have put my thesis in a photocopy kiosk to be copied. Suddenly, I had an urge to open my laptop. However, I could not find it. I looked for it in my cupboard, my sister’s, table. All corners in my sister’s room have been scanned, yet I found nothing. I was panicked because I brought it with me the day before. I tried hard to remember what I did after printing my thesis, but I could not. The worst possibility was my laptop was stolen when I take a share taxi to go home (my sister’s rented room, actually). At that time, I thought that maybe I was not destined to own that laptop anymore. More than five years passed since the first time my parents bought it for me and that was enough, However, my sister might know something about my laptop, so I waited for her.

When she arrived and entered her room, I asked her about my laptop in a desperate voice. She said that my laptop was in the cupboard, between the clothes. She stored it in a safer place since I forgot to take it out from my bag the day before. I was really glad because she was such a caring person, while I often did not pay much attention to her needs.

Dear my sister, thank you because you saved me at that time. Even though we do not share a room like before, make sure that you take care of yourself as much as what you did for me.


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    1. Actually I didn’t get it until I re-checked the prompt and yes, this is the first part of three. So you have done the fifth assignment? I’ll check it asap, Mbak 🙂

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