Writing 101: A Character- Building Experience



What if you meet someone who shares name with you? Will you be glad for finding your ‘twin’? Or slightly uncomfortable because when you call him/her, you feel like calling yourself?

Here is my story.

I met Ami on late January this year. She was older than me and that’s why she was much maturer than me. Her body was not too tall and not too big, and her voice was a bit high-pitched, warm and pleasant.

I called her ‘Kak Ami’ because here, there is such obligation to add honorifics before the name of people who is older than me.

We were officially a trainee in a pharmacy academy at that time. The Director gave us different subjects to teach: me, Pharmacology II and her, Organic Chemistry. She was supposed to teach that subject this month, yet the academy lacks of lecturer for a short period of time, because an Organic Chemistry lecturer was going to give birth. Thus, she was appointed to replace that lecturer in supervising experimental works for first year students in laboratory.

Due to similar schedule, we often talk each other when I had finished teaching and she was waiting for her schedule. We talk on many topics, mainly on adaptating in a new work environment. She was like my real sister for providing new information and advices. When I was appointed to accompany her in a laboratory, I was a bit afraid because Organic Chemistry was not my strength. As a college student, I conquered that subject on the second attempt before getting a good result. That was an old story, so I was not sure of my ability. She comforted me and said that the topic were not that hard and the job description was quite easy. At first, I just stood still waiting for her instructions. However, when she introduced me to the students, I became more relaxed because they were seems interested to me and my introduction story.

Days later, when she told me about our status as the trainees and a bit problem in the institution, she gave me a short, powerful advice. I did not remember the exact words of hers, yet her point was:

Be a good trainee, whatever happen in our workplace. It may be difficult, but we should do our best.

I could not thank enough her for that advice.


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