Writing 101: Point of View


Below is another attempt of mine to write story in English. The point of view shifted between the characters of the stories: the man, the woman, and the old woman. Please enjoy. Continue reading “Writing 101: Point of View”

Writing 101: Death to Adverbs


When I went to market with my mother two days ago by a share taxi, an old couple stopped the share  taxi. The wife talked for a moment with the driver, about whether he could take them to a place or not. Then, the driver said that he would like to take them to the place where they want to go to. The husband seemed in a doubt at first, yet he agreed later. The driver was kind.  He offered to took his passengers to a place which is not located in his route.

The husband and the wife sat face to face, not really talking much. When I took a glance at their clothes, I realized that they wore same color: white or a bit off-white. What a lovely couple, I thought. I had read somewhere that romantic, sweet moments  only belongs to young, newly married couple. However, this couple who I met suggested otherwise.

I learned about kindness and love from the old couple and the driver. I will try to apply those lessons in my life, in order to create happiness for me and the others.