Writing 101: Happy

Me and Crispy Fried Chicken: Now and Then


Crispy fried chicken had always been a treat for me. My parents brought me (and my sister) to a fast food restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Sometimes, we went there if I got the first position in my class.

I rarely had kids menu; my mother always purchased regular menu consisted of chicken breast, rice and/or french fries, and bottled tea/Pepsi/orange juice. As a condiment for the chicken, I added tomato sauce and chili sauce. The tomato sauce was sweet and tangy, and the chili sauce was, of course, spicy, but I could tolerate it. Even though the chicken meat was delicious, juicy, and a bit spicy, my favorite part was the crispy, oily skin. I saved the skin for the last, after I finished eating the meat and the rice. I bited and chewed it, enjoyed its taste in my mouth before letting it went down to my stomach. Then I dipped it in tomato sauce or chili sauce, or combination of them, bited it, and swallowed it. When my last piece of crispy fried chicken had gone, I felt a bit sad because it was very delicious.

Now that I’ve gotten bigger and older (and gained more knowledge), I know that eating crispy fried chicken too often is not healthy. It is rich in calories and fat and taste, yet lack of vitamins, mineral, and fiber. However, I still consider it as one of my comfort foods, which I can eat occasionally. I eat it in different way, too.Ā  I do not add too much sauce onto my plate because I cannot finished it all. Spoiling food is not good, isn’t it?

The skin is still my favorite part, though. I always save it for the last.

P.S. I did not have any fried chicken, so I just shot a sachet of chili sauce (specially manufactured) for fried chicken as an illustration for this post.


10 thoughts on “Writing 101: Happy

  1. It’s true that fried chicken couldn’t be called as “healthy food”, but I can’t imagine how boring my life would be without those foods :haha. I love the skin part, too. It’s the most unhealthy part, but… it’s delicious, and like Rh*oma Ira*ma has said, “What’s delicious is not good” :haha.

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