Writing 101: Size Matters (in Sentences)

A rough sketch of our house. Not very accurate, though.

A Tale of Our House


Eight years ago, when I was a 12 year-old kid, I lived with my parents, my sister, and my grandma in a house. The house was adjacent to the main road. Its outer wall painted with pink, while the inner wall mainly painted with yellow.

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EF#16 – Lessons Learned from Lebai Malang


Lebai Malang (The Unlucky Religious Teacher) is a well-known folktale from West Sumatera. I knew this story when I was an elementary school student. At that time, I found this story was quite funny and I thought the main character was simply a fool. But, when I re-read this story just now, I could understand this story better than before.

This story tell about a religious teacher (lebai) who got two party invitationsĀ  in the same time, one was from the headwaters, the other was from the downstream. Those party were held at the same time of the same day. Continue reading “EF#16 – Lessons Learned from Lebai Malang”