EF#18 – We are (Not) Friends


Until now, I do not know what are the ideal criteria to be a friend of someone. I do not know whether I am a good friend for some people. I tried my best to smile a lot, to give any help, to give suggestion if needed, or to listen to their complaints.

I do not want to set my expectations high for them, that they consider me as one of their besties. However, sometimes I imagined a sweet friendship story in which I become its main character. That kind of imagination turned to be main ideas for my stories back then, and I am lack of that idea now.

I have ever thought that friends should have a mutual recognition between them. That recognition is important in order to understand each other and to give some sense of belonging. Just imagine if you consider A as your friend but A do not think you as his/her friend. It may hurts a bit or a lot, depends on your personality. However, reality is sometimes harsh. I cannot expect too much because those who expect too much tend to be disappointed. Just give more and expect less, that’s the principle which I try to apply in my life. I want to give my best to other people, regardless what I am to them: a friend, an acquaitance, or breadcrumbs (okay, this is getting weird).

For anyone who consider me as your friend, thanks a lot. Thank you for accompanying me in this huge world. It really means a lot.


16 thoughts on “EF#18 – We are (Not) Friends

  1. at first I do have the same problem about friendship. But after all, I think we should see the different point of view. We do not do for the sake of the people, because it will just made you sad when you found the people seems cannot give you a treat like you did. It is higher, God is watching us, so just do it for Him 🙂

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      1. katanya sih mi, “you suffer because things are impermanent and you think they are permanent”. Same goes with friendship imo 🙂

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