[BEC Giveaway] CommaWiki Competition


Otw. (c.) being in bathroom, will arrive in an hour until two hours later. An example of CommaWiki. Taken from here.



CommaWiki was invented by an Indonesian, named Putu Aditya. He created a unique kind of meme, which contains a picture as its background with several words that define a certain word. The definition is stylized like dictionary, including word classes in it.

Inspired by his innovation, I would like to hold CommaWiki competition monthly. Why? Because CommaWiki may help us to memorize vocabularies better and competition will increase our creativity. I will propose different theme each month. Every member can submit one CommaWiki. Each submission will be voted by all members. There will be prizes for the winner, of course.


This post is submitted in BEC’s Second Giveaway : What will you do if you were an administrator of BEC?


26 thoughts on “[BEC Giveaway] CommaWiki Competition

  1. Hai Ami, i had no idea what CommaWiki is. sigh, i’m so left behind on what’s happening in social-media! but anyway, now that i know what Comma Wiki is… i begin to wonder how we can create such Meme in English. care to give an example?


      1. i never mentioned your or my age :-p still..i’m younger than you! hahaha. you know what..i came up with one word as an example of CommaWiki.

        Young (adj):
        When you can create a wicked, hillarious and amusing description about something and post it in CommaWiki.

        or yeah..something like that 😀

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      2. i just created that…description of Young (adj). haha! but one thing i noticed from CommaWiki is that…the writer has a tendency to describe things that correlated to love-feeling or love/heartbreak situation. should everything be correlated to love or touchy-feeling?

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      3. Oo dear..just call me rina 🙂 and uhh.. yeah, why don’t we try to describe Ryan’s example..try to describe the meaning of move on (verb) with all that CommaWiki terms (i mean, you know..the exaggerating love/touchy words)


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