EF#19 – Eight Minarets of Fire Ocean



On November 2012, we, eight students from Faculty of Pharmacy University of Andalas were delegated to participate in PCE (Patient Counseling Event) which was held in ITB. Three of us registered in advanced category, while the rest were in beginner. Although we hoped that at least one of us would bring satisfying result, it turned that none of us who succeeded. Thus, we just travelling around Bandung instead.

I did not remember the exact moment when someone among us came with that name. But I knew the mean of it; 8 minarets (8 menara) represented our number and fire ocean (lautan api) was associated with Bandung. That name was a wordplay on Negeri 5 Menara, a novel title written by A. Fuadi.

We had much fun at that time. We talked randomly and laughed freely. When we bored, we played word puns. Sometimes the puns were funny, sometimes they were not. When we went to Kawah Putih, we sang together and one of us took the video of some members singing several songs. After arriving there, then we saw an oldman who played kecapi and we stopped for a while. One of us danced following the song which was played. I did not think that he would be that brave to borrow a shawl from my classmate and danced in front of that old man. Well, so many experiences that we had together. However, it will be too long if I retold our memories back then in this post.

Now, we lived in different areas. We are pursuing our dreams, hoping for being successful adults. Even so, I am wishing for another chance. I am hoping that we will replay those fun experiences in other places in Indonesia, or in other countries around the world, perhaps?

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