EF#20 – Relationship Effect


Relationship affects my life, in a way that hard to describe.

As I meet other people everyday, I make new relations with them. Be it between me and a new friend, or me and my senior, etc. By developing new relationships, I could get benefits: from friendly smiles to sharp critics.

Relationship, for me, is like connecting each piece of puzzle to get a bigger and clearer image. As a person, I am far from perfect. I need others to complete myself. By interacting with other people, I know myself better. By maintaining some relationships, I can get a bigger image of myself.


One thought on “EF#20 – Relationship Effect

  1. Orang-orang memang bagaikan cermin tempat kita bisa melihat baik dan buruknya diri, terus bagaimana meningkatkan kemampuan diri. Tapi jangan kebanyakan melihat ke cermin juga, takutnya malah nanti terlalu bergantung sama orang dan kitanya jadi tidak punya self esteem :huhu. Keseimbangan tetap jadi yang paling mantap :)).

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