EF #21 – #25 – From Holiday to Ifthar


Pardon my laziness! >.< These EF challenges haunts me lately, yet I did nothing to conquer them. So, here they are:

EF#21 – Taman Margasatwa dan Budaya Kinantan

Living near Bukittinggi, I recommend you to visit this town. There are many destinations in Bukittinggi, offering beautiful panorama or historic buildings. Taman Margasatwa dan Budaya Kinantan (TMSBK) is your choice if you want to enjoy great scenery with historic buildings in one package.

To visit TMSBK, you only need to pay IDR 5K on weekdays or IDR 8K on weekends. Then, you can walk around, seeing birds, mammals or reptiles like what you may see in other zoos. The difference is that you can see other destinations in this area, such as Fort De Kock, fish museum, and Museum Baanjuang/Museum Kinantan. To visit those museums, you had to pay additional fare. Do not worry, the fare will not more than IDR 100K

And, the bonus is Limpapeh Bridge! This bridge connects two areas of TMSBK. When crossing this bridge, you can see the town from above, particularly Kampuang Cino area.

Before I forgot, another interesting fact about TMSBK is that you can reach it in different ways. Walking on a relatively flat path, trying a climb, or climbing certain stairs.

EF #22 – I Wish I Could Visit Tangkuban Parahu Again

Back then in 2012, I visit Bandung with my friends. On the fourth day, we planned to go to Kawah Putih (White Crater) and Tangkuban Parahu. However, we ended up visiting Kawah Putih and sightseeing in Bandung. It’s okay, though, because Kawah Putih is so beautiful.

And Bandung is very crowded at night.

EF #23 – Mudik Preparation

For several years ago, when I was a university student in Padang, I used to do mudik (going back to hometown). No special preparation, though, due to the short distance between Padang and my hometown. Sometimes I booked a ticket before going home, but more often I went to Tranex bus pool and book the ticket directly in the pool. To get the bus faster, I had to arrive there in the morning.

EF #24 – Err… Ramadhan Killer Recipe?

This Ramadhan, my mom usually bought ready foods to minimize food waste. For breakfasting, we prepared tea, water, and fruits (dates, watermelon, or banana). Unfortunately, I could not share the recipe, because… there is no special recipe, though.

EF #25 – Ifthar Together (Pros and Cons)

I am not a very social person when it comes to ifthar. Lately, I only attended two iftar invitations from acceleration class in junior high and senior high.

Ifthar together can be a good moment to socialize and knowing the latest news from old friends, juniors, and seniors. But, it will not be wise to attend too many events. Why?

First, the insert fee is usually more expensive than ifthar at home, be it alone or with family. One or two is okay, but five or more? Those amount of money cand be used to other needs.

Second, ifthar together ends at night. Iftar together is usually held in the afternoon until dinner time or maybe later, depend on the program. Especially for girls or women, going back home late at night is quite unsafe.

Third, food waste. Hmm, this is a common problem in eating together. Many foods and drinks left untouched after the event ended.

Fourth, praying time. Ifthar together events in packed cafes or restaurants may hinder participants from praying on time.

It is not bad to join in event together, but please make sure to consider these points before you decide to attend the event.

That’s all! I hope I can join next EF challenges as well :).


3 thoughts on “EF #21 – #25 – From Holiday to Ifthar

  1. I just want to say thank you that you’re so diligent and persistent in following all the challenges–a trait that even we admins don’t have. And I see, your fasting month this year is quite full… with contemplation. Guess you didn’t attend many ifthars this year, did you? *kemudian digampar*.

    Btw, selamat hari raya Idul Fitri, yak! Minal aidin wal faidzin mohon maaf lahir batin. Mohon maaf kalau selama ini saya banyak membuat kesalahan, baik yang disengaja maupun tidak :hehe.


    1. I am afraid that it’s more about guilt than persistence, Bli 😀
      I only attend 2 ifthars, because others were held in Padang, not Bukittinggi. And..full of contemplation? Why did you get that conclusion? Haha, I am really curious about it.
      Mohon maaf atas kesalahanku juga ya, Bli 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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