Suddenly I remembered that I had written something about my wildest dream 10 months ago. If I am not mistaken, my dream is having my own learning portal. I had prepared everything since, such as creating new e-mail account, new WordPress account, trying to access my SkyDrive, and many else.

However, I forgot one most important thing in creating a new learning portal.

The contents.

I was too busy daydreaming. Someday, my little blog will transform to a big learning portal. Many people visit and seek help from it. I was too busy complaining. Too many things to do, too little time to accomplish everything.I was too busy making excuses. It’s okay, you can do other stuff first. Making your dream comes true is not your most important thing to do now.

Time passed. I gained nothing but regrets. If I managed my time better, my learning portal would be a big hit. If I managed it more seriously, I would gain new readers.

Yeah, I gained nothing but regrets.

I know it sucks to keep making excuses for not making any progress. However, I did not want to dwell on regrets because keeping them makes my life less enjoyable :D.

Thus, I started my first step several days ago. I decided to started my learning portal as a blog, a simple one, actually. My first post entitled

What do you need to survive as a pharmacy student

Hopefully, it will grow bigger and give benefits for the readers.

Happy (belated) National Blogger Day!

7 thoughts on “EF#30 – If I managed my time better…

  1. Acknowledging regrets is a hard thing to do but you did it well. It makes a room for improvement, you know. I wish you all the best with your new website and hope you coukd share a lot about pharmacy :)).


  2. This post also reminds me about another word: commitment. And it depends on ourselves whether we want to commit to our plans and dreams or not. Thanks for sharing and good luck for ur website 😀


  3. Sometimes we never realize that spending a long time to work was not a great thing. Great one make everything effective 🙂
    Work is never ending process, but it can never be completed. it’s meaningless if Life is only abt work Amii 🙂 , just make the blog as a space to relaxing your self. Do not too much with your schedulle. ^^

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