I tend to agree that certain workers like nurses, doctors, and teachers are undervalued, especially when entertainers are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of work that they do. Nurses and doctors are responsible for maintaining people’s health, while teachers are responsible in teaching and educating their students. Their jobs are important to everyone – I mean, who does not need any health professionals and teachers in his/her life? Furthermore, in fulfilling their duty, nurses, doctors, and teachers often serve people who live in remote areas. In those areas, sometimes they cannot find electricity and phone signals, even plague and certain security threats haunt their lives. Yet, they do their job professionally without complaining.

On the other hand, entertainers also have their tough times. They start their careers from zero; from street performers to well-known musician in a big, glamorous stage; from cameos to main actors/actresses. They have to smile and do their best despite of negative rumors out there. People need entertainers to enjoy their life, even spend much money to get entertained. Companies need entertainers to promote their products, even spend much money to have some commercials aired in television. However, people’s need for entertainers are not as essential as for health and education. Many people in certain areas enjoy their lives without knowing weekly chart of popular songs or the best television actor. Yet, without good health, they will be prone to dangerous diseases. Without good education, they cannot read and count, or even worse, they will be used by cunning people from corporations or perhaps, cunning politician.

Considering importance and risks of their jobs, nurses, doctors, and teachers should be paid more. May be not as much as what entertainers get (due to many factors), but at least, they can fulfill their duty without too much worries, such as ‘how can I afford this house? my first child was just born, she has her own needs. my parents are getting old, I should help my siblings.’ If that happens, I am sure that they can work more professionally to help others in needs of health and education.


This post is written in response to EF#31 Challenge: Undervalued Vs Overvalued.

8 thoughts on “EF#31- Undervalued vs Overvalued

  1. I really like your point mba Ami. Some people need entertainers to get entertained but most people even all people need a healthy and prosperous life which involved doctors, nurses, and teachers. They should be paid more 😦


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