When You Choose Another Path


Choosing another path somehow can be seen as an act of cowardice. When that path is quiet, hidden, anti-mainstream, people can say that you are fainthearted. You cannot compete fair and square with the crowd in that mainstream path. They are better, stronger, and more experienced. Thus you are not cut out for it. You avoided that path and find another which is more suited for yourself. There, you could shine by yourself, glimmering below the flickering light. A little amount of people will admire you. You are the head of the worm. But still, your stage is not big enough.

However, choosing another path also could be seen as an act of courage. You are not going to choose the mainstream path, so you try your best to find another. You crack the stone, shovel the snow, clean the mud, and make your own path to be safe to walk on. You think there is no point to fit yourself in that tight competition, which is not always fair and square. You may not cut for that path, but you are suitable for this path. Here, in blood, sweat and tears, you are finally smiling. You find your crown, a little crown. You are the head, even though not a head of a dragon. Some people will recognize you and love you. You are their inspiration. And that is more than enough.


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