Literary Sisters



Last Saturday (18/3), Farah and I decided to meet after exchanging messages in Goodreads for several times. She is currently a university student in Padang and turned out that we share the same faculty. We also graduated from the same senior high school, so I cannot be more excited!

We made the appointment to meet in Depot Ayam Penyet, a small restaurant in Bukittinggi which famously known to serve fried/roasted chicken with fresh vegetables and sambal. I was glad to have that place chosen because it was near with my workplace. I arrived there at several minutes before 3 PM and wondering which one is Farah since we have never exchanged our photo.

When I entered the restaurant, I saw a girl who sat alone facing the glass door. I assumed that the girl was Farah, but I decided to wait while checking my LINE. Turned out that my guessing was right so I approached her and we were both surprised at first. After several moments of awkwardness, we ordered our food, ayam penyet bakar (roasted chicken with fresh vegetables and sambal), mineral water for her and cold bottled tea for me.

What makes me more excited later is … guess what? She was in acceleration class also. I graduated in 2008 while she was in 2014. Thus I can say that she is my double junior :D.

I finished eating quite quickly, so did her. We later spent our time talking about many things, mostly about books, life as a student, and movies. I was surprised knowing that her life as a university student was much different with mine. I also had had a hard time to adapt but alhamdulillah I could manage to finish my study without many obstacles. My social life is so-so, but still enjoyable. It seems that uni students nowadays caught up in drama and living as slackers due to easy access to almost everything.

Okay, enough with real life because it’s dangerous if I tell about something that I should not tell here.

What I would like to emphasis about our conversation is that both of us are book readers (and lovers). Farah felt like she was alone because no one in her circle who love books as her. Me too, especially when one of my workmate moved to other city. I do not have anyone in my workplace to talk about books anymore. It makes me quite sad because having someone in real life to talk many things about is a blessing. I am glad to meet Farah because we share our love for books.

When talking about our favorite books, authors, and movies, we have certain similarities also many differences. While I tend to browse what books that I need to read (also main information about them: the author, the plot, the writing style, the review), Farah tend to rely on her gut sense. When she felt that she should choose that book/movie, she will choose it without thinking twice. Besides, she also relied on the title. If she found the title is interesting, she would choose it. Pretty contrasted, huh? Farah also has broader knowledge on Indonesian writers, not like me who spent almost last half year by reading classics and several contemporary foreign fictions. Yet we do not underestimate each other because our different preferences. In opposite, we even recommend books/movies to each other. Farah told me to watch Fight Club and The Black Swan, while I recommended We Need To Talk About Kevin to her. She told me that Eka Kurniawan’s books are her favorites while I told her my thought about Oscar Wilde’s works. It’s nice, isn’t it?

While remembering our conversation at that time, suddenly I remembered that Arip wrote a post about Literary Brothers and mentioned Erik and Philip, two lead characters from Reprise (2006). They were friends who greatly admired Sten Egil Dahl, a Norwegian author. If so, may I called Farah as my literary sister? Deeply in my heart, I hope she also consider the same thing.

How about you? Do you have a literary sister or brother?


5 thoughts on “Literary Sisters

  1. I don’t read much from Indonesian’s authors, but I also recommend you to read Eka Kurniawan. Lelaki Harimau is the one of the best Indonesian novels that I’ve ever read.

    I am not into classic, but I also like Oscar Wilde. I guess we can talk about books endlessly if we ever decided to meet up :))

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    1. Thank you Kak, for your recommendation. I think I should try to read Lelaki Harimau also. I would like to meet you too someday .. perhaps we will have so many topics to discuss!


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